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Pencilwrench, Built by Technicians for Technicians

Pencilwrench is a web-based solution that enables technicians to write comprehensive repair event stories in a matter of seconds without ever touching the keyboard. We believe today's Dealership Management Teams have far better things to do than spending valuable time auditing repair invoices for proper warranty claims-for-credit content, spelling, and accuracy. Our software will blow you away by enabling the creation of additional billable hours, net profits, and enhanced value of services sold. Pencilwrench "Built by Technicians for Technicians"

 Press Releases

  • (Sep 28, 2022)

    Press Release October 1st, 2022

    North Fort Myers, FL – announced the promotion of Sean Hartman today as our National Sales Director, heading up our newly reconfigured sales team in the continued preparation of expanded sales.

    Based on the strong performance over the past three years, these sales team reconfigurations and overall company investment affirm the company’s commitment to a global sales growth strategy., a web-based company allows the end-user to document a several hundred-word repair event in a matter of seconds, virtually without touching the computer keyboard. When you consider the number of technicians you employ, the number of vehicles they work on each day, and the number of repair event stories that are necessary for each vehicle, the overall time savings gross profit is indisputable.  

    “The innovative point & click composition offers time savings and additional gross profit opportunities that just have never existed in the automotive parts and service marketplace,” said Joseph McCue, Pencilwrench Founder, and Partner.

    Ultimately, our dealers tell us, the success of is driven by their technician’s time savings and the customer’s benefits. With customers receive written, concise, properly spelled repair invoices with no confusing acronyms. These clear communications are the hallmark of They not only substantiate dealer invoice charges but also enhance overall customer satisfaction. More information can be found on


  • Pencilwrench
    Pencilwrench is a point & click tool for quickly composing accurate and comprehensive text describing your repairs....

  • Take Control

    Dealers are ten times more likely to get audited by the manufacturer than by the IRS. Experts say the number two reason for warranty debit is improper documentation of the Complaint, Cause, and Correction.

    With Pencilwrench on your workbench PC, you'll immediately compose clear, concise, and compliant event descriptions in seconds.

    Technicians are compensated for fixing vehicles, not for their typing or grammar skills. However, almost every dime collected relies on solid documentation.

    Stop filling your file cabinets with ticking time bombs, worrying if a surprise warranty audit or the next legal battle might take you out of the game!

    Take total control of your customer invoicing and warranty claims documentation the easy way with Pencilwrench.

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