Rapid Recon

Palo Alto,  CA 
United States

Welcome to People, Processes, and Software.

Come see the perfect blend of People, Processes, and Software. At Rapid Recon we provide the tools required for success. Robust software that focuses on the “why,” the world’s largest team ever assembled of reconditioning experts that have lived your business and overcome reconditioning obstacles, and a portfolio of the industry’s best practices that have proven success in reconditioning.     

Our easy-to-use cloud-based application can be customized to accommodate and improve your current workflow processes. This includes quick updating to meet your changing needs. From the very first day, your process performance manager works with your staff to ensure your system design meets your dealership's specific requirements. We then provide ongoing training and feedback to help you reach your target time-to-line (T2L®) performance goals.


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Rapid Recon Overview with Keith Brice

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