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RecovR: Wireless Theft Recovery & Lot Management

RecovR enables car dealers to find their vehicles and keys quickly with cutting-edge wireless technology that is easy to set up and profitable to sell. Manage your lot more efficientlv, improve the sales process and create a new revenue stream by providing consumers with the most advanced and reliable wireless vehicle theft recovery and key finder solutions on the market. RecovR is already helping more than 900 dealerships across the country optimize their operations and boost their ancillary product revenues - some of them to the tune of millions of dollars per year!

An entire, multi-location dealership can be quickly pre-loaded with RecovR and/or RecovR for Keys and all staff trained, providing improved efficiencies and faster sales with its rich lot management and key finder features. This helps staff find cars faster for customers, tracks down misplaced cars and keys in seconds, enables instant inventory audits, creates a potential reduction on garage keepers insurance and provides two high-quality, high-tech F&l products that create significant revenue at the F&I desk. Unlike other non-tangible F&I products, RecovR provides you with a real product you can sell that adds value to the customer experience because it protects them from theft and key loss, offers them limited warranty coverage ($6000) for unrecovered vehicles, up to $800 every year for key replacement, and gives them a useful app they'll love to help them manage their vehicle(s) and keys. So check out RecovR today!


RecovR Theft Recovery & Lot Management Solution

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