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The RepairPal Certified Network helps fair-priced dealers grow their Fixed Ops business. We help dealers with customer retention by providing 3rd party proof of fair prices with our best-in-class estimator, which can be leveraged to build trust, increase same day sales, and reduce discounting. RepairPal also introduces Certified dealers to new customers in their primary market area through, the largest site for auto repair, and through the recommendation of our partners like USAA, Consumer Reports, and DOWC. 

RepairPal will empower Service Advisors and BDC with the tools they need to combat objections, and give them the confidence that they are fair priced. Change consumer perception that dealers overcharge  by becoming RepairPal Certified.


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  • San Francisco, Ca, December 12 2021– RepairPal, the largest trusted auto repair network for high quality and fair prices, has launched their new Fair Price Estimator & Estimator Widget, bringing both truth and transparency to auto and service repair so that consumers can feel good about getting their car fixed anytime, anywhere.


    “RepairPal’s Fair Price Estimator is complex as it is multi-faceted, and we had the opportunity to redesign it in 2021. We worked as a cross-functional team of design, engineering, product, and UX research to completely reimagine the experience from the ground up. The new experience is focused around a clean, intuitive design that translates well between all screen sizes.
” Nicole Garcia, Lead Designer, RepairPal


    The Fair Price Estimator is RepairPal’s flagship product offering: a digital experience in which users can select from over 800 car repair services to calculate a precise, detailed, and fair price estimate, tailored to their unique vehicle and specific repair needs. It connects consumers to one of over 2,800 RepairPal Certified repair facilities nationwide that will honor the estimate and guarantee high-quality repairs backed by a strong repair warranty.


    “Each month millions of customers trust RepairPal and our Fair Price Estimator to find high quality auto repair at prices they can feel confident about. Customers simply input their vehicle information, select a service, and get an estimate range and listing of RepairPal Certified facilities for their location. Estimates are calculated with regional labor rates in addition to OEM and aftermarket parts prices and we don't compare repair facilities to one another in our estimator; instead, we independently establish a fair price guideline that Certified facilities abide by.” Saad Hassan, Product Manager, RepairPal


    RepairPal also provides its Certified facilities with an Estimator Widget they can install onto their website. The Estimator Widget is RepairPal’s packaged solution to the Fair Price Estimator, maintaining all the core functionality of the full Estimator while serving as a more neatly compact experience for website use.


    “Automotive repair is one of today’s biggest necessary expenses and over half of drivers are starting their search for a repair facility online. Consumers have better access to information more than ever before, and they’re checking prices. RepairPal Certified facilities that use the Estimator Widget on their website earn trust - and more business - from consumers by being transparent with their pricing and educating them about what’s involved in a repair upfront.” Adan Magana, Product Manager, Platform Team, RepairPal


    About RepairPal

    Established in 2007, RepairPal connects consumers with certified trustworthy mechanics throughout the US. Large trusted companies including USAA, CarMax and Consumer Reports send their members and customers to RepairPal Certified shops, knowing they will get high-quality repairs at a fair price. More information is available at    


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  • Fair Price Estimator
    Becoming RepairPair Certified gives your customers the ability to get quotes for service right on your website! Dealers using our estimator widget enjoy higher web traffic and a higher ranking by Google for their primary shop website....

  • Show You’re Fair Priced with RepairPal’s Fair Price Estimator

    Estimates give consumers confidence

    • Focus on high quality fair pricing, not low prices
    • Independent, third-party validated endorsement 
    • Trusted since 2007

    Methodology based on dealer pricing

    • Labor Time/Hours: MOTOR Labor
    • Parts: OEM MSRP and quality aftermarket MSRP
    • Labor Rates: Local dealer and quality independents

    Algorithmically calculated

    • Estimates calculated from time, rate, parts inputs
    • Results compared with 120 million repair orders

    Prices reflect high quality

    • Fair price and profit, not price competition
    • Presented as a range

    See it for yourself at

  • Get More Recall Repairs
    We make it easy for consumers to stay up to date with recalls on their vehicles. When one comes up, we get them in touch with a RepairPal Certified dealership in their area to schedule an appointment....

  • Get MORE recall repairs and increase revenue when you become RepairPal Certified

    Get Targeted Recall Leads

    Be the first in your primary market area to receive recall repairs from’s millions of visitors as RepairPal expands to help car owners get their recalls fixed.

    A Better Recalls Process

    We make it easy for consumers to stay up to date with recalls on their vehicles. When one comes up, we get them in touch with a RepairPal Certified dealership in their area to schedule an appointment.

    We Do The Work For You

    Consumers will book directly with your dealership!

    Why Recalls?

    With over 4 million monthly website visitors, we have the unique ability to leverage our traffic and notify consumers of recalls on their vehicles in real time. RepairPal is positioned to become a leader in the recall space. In doing so, we'll be bringing more customers into our Certified dealerships for repairs.

    How it Works:

    1. A consumer visits and enters their vehicle information.

    2. We notify them of any active recalls on their vehicle. 

    3. We direct them to a RepairPal Certified dealership for repair.

    See for yourself at