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Quality. Performance. Reliability

When you buy a Rytec door, you not only get high speed and high performance, you get the backing of the undisputed leader in the industry. That means the assurance of working with a company known around the world for making doors that work - day in, day out, cycle after cycle. Unlike other companies in our industry, doors aren’t a side line for Rytec. They’re our only business, exclusively. This is why there are over 100,000 Rytec doors in operation today.

 Press Releases

  • Rytec’s SmartSurround™ Advanced Detection and Alert System is now being offered as standard equipment on most Spiral® door models, the company has announced.

    SmartSurround uses artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced light curtain sensors to track traffic entering and exiting the door threshold. The AI software uses data gathered by these sensors to assess the traffic type as well as movements through and near the doorway. It uses this data to determine which alerting lights are most appropriate and what movements the door should make.

    That enables it to detect and respond to a vehicle that may not have cleared the doorway, a pedestrian wandering into the area near the door or other common scenarios often occurring in busy auto dealer service areas.

    “SmartSurround is an intelligent, state-of-the-art system that will enhance your customer experience and your service department operations. It elevates detection, warning, signaling – and door safety – to a new level,” explains Rytec Vice President of Marketing Michael Watkins.

    Most door safety devices today are individual components with limited functionality. Most sensors can detect movement at the door threshold. But they provide little insight into what’s happening at the door opening. For example, many door sensors and control systems can’t indicate if a vehicle has fully cleared the doorway.

    Also, some existing sensors aren’t very precise. For example, they monitor areas near the door that are significantly larger than necessary. This can result in “false positives.” As vehicles, pedestrians or workers pass nearby these sensors may detect them and open the door or hold the door open – even though they’re not moving through the door opening or remaining near the field of door operation. This obstructs usable service lane space.

    In contrast, SmartSurround is precise, compact and efficient.

    For more information about this revolutionary door safety system, visit the SmartSurround page.

    Rytec. Quality, Performance, Reliability. 


  • Spiral VP® High Performance Door
    Featuring the stylish design and structural integrity of the Spiral® high-performance door series, the Spiral VP® door offers a new combination of quality, value, and performance for lower speed, lower cycle applications....

  • Spiral VP® for Low Cycle Traffic

    • Same look as other Rytec Spiral® model doors for a consistent look
    • Standard lift, high lift and vertical lift options available
    • Sleek styling, quiet functioning and compact profile


    • Architecturally designed to complement the high-speed Spiral® line - for lower speed, lower cycle applications
    • Crisp lines provide a stylish look ideal for new and existing auto dealerships and commercial automotive applications
    • 'Moving facade' provides open accessibility and secure separation in hospitality-focused environments
    • Unmatched 20-year warranty on high-cycle components including rollers, hinges and door tracks


    • Continuous heavy-duty extruded aluminum hinge system
    • Polyurethane rollers with sealed roller bearings
    • No visible mounting hardware
    • Extruded aluminum track; Direct Drive model includes durable powder-coated steel side column covers
    • Same door components as used on Spiral® doors with millions of operating cycles


    • Direct drive or Balanced operation
    • Standard Spiral panel or full-vision panel configurations
    • Standard, vertical or high lift track configurations
    • Insulated door panel
    • Vision or ventilated slats
  • Spiral® FV® High Performance Door
    Using ultra-high-speed operation and unique spiral technology, the Spiral® FV® door is fast and extremely quiet. Top-to-bottom, full-width window slats provide extra safety and a high-tech look to promote an enviable image of cutting-edge operations....

  • Ultra-High-Speed, Security and Full Vision - All in One Door

    Using ultra-high-speed operation and unique spiral technology, the Spiral® FV® door is fast and extremely quiet.


    • Shatter-proof and scratch resistant LEXAN™ slats provide excellent visibility and natural light, while maintaining the security of a rigid door.
    • Optimize operational efficiency and customer perception with opening speeds up to 100 inches per second. 
    • Counterbalance system, patented spiral design and AC drive reduce wear and increase door longevity, with minimal preventative maintenance. 


    • SmartSurround™ Advanced Detection & Alert System combines optical light curtains to monitor traffic and visual safety lights - all in one.
    • Advanced3 Light Curtain Safety System continuously monitors door opening.
    • Mechanical brake release lever allows door opening in the event of power failure.


    • 9-inch, clear anodized aluminum-framed vision slats
    • Integral weatherseal between the slats
    • Heavy-duty hinge system for door panel assembly
    • Durable powder coated steel side columns and head console (excludes US/R models)
    • Extension springs in side column


    • Translucent bronze or grey tinted slats
    • Hood and motor covers
    • Classic RAL and custom color match powder coated finish
    • Electric reversing edge with Ry-Wi® Wireless System
    • Spiral® Pre-Wired Premium Package (size restrictions)

 Additional Info

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