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United States

Credit, Compliance, Soft Pulls, ID Verification

700Credit is the automotive industry’s largest provider of credit reports, compliance, soft pull and identity verification and fraud detection solutions. Our offerings include credit reports, prescreen and pre-qualification platforms, compliance training, Safeguards Compliance, OFAC compliance, Red Flag solutions, MLA, Synthetic Fraud Detection, Identity Verification, onsight and mobile driver's license authenticaion, score disclosure notices, adverse action notices. We have over 15,000 dealerships clients we serve, and over 200 product integrations with the leading CRM, DMS, Digital Retailing, Service Lane, Desking, Website providers, automotive marketplaces and more.

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  • Compliance Solutions
    700Credit offers an array of automated products and services for your dealership, all of which work to keep your dealership ready at all times for future audits....


    Compliance is a daunting task for any dealership but the key to adhering to the Fair Credit Reporting Act
    (FCRA) and Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA) regulatio
    ns is consistency. 700Credit offers an array of automated
    products and services in a customized package for your dealership, all of which work to kee
    p you ready at all times for future audits.

    Compliance offerings include:

    • Red Flag
    • OFAC
    • Adverse Action
    • Risk based pricing notices
    • Out of wallet questions
    • Privacy Notices

    Learning Management System (LMS)

    Dealers are fined millions of dollars every year for not following the proper government regulations around the accessing and handling of customer’s sensitive credit data.

    As the largest reseller of credit reports from all three bureaus – Experian, Equifax and TransUnion – 700Credit has always strived to provide a comprehensive and automated compliance solutions to keep you compliant with every credit report pulled.

    To further our efforts in providing the best compliance and risk mitigation services to our clients, we are pleased to introduce our new web-based, self-paced LMS which will provide the required training your dealership needs to remain compliant with every transaction and avoid costly fines.

    Our LMS consists of 8 courses which take less than an hour in total  to complete, but will keep your store and staff prepared for an audit.  

  • Credit Reports
    700Credit is the largest authorized reseller of credit reports from Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. Credit Reports contain information from credit grantors, courts, and collection agencies regarding the historical loans by the consumer....

  • 700Credit is the largest reseller of credit reports
    from Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. Dealers
    have their choice of credit report format and scorecard.

    Exclusive to 700Credit is our
    HTML credit report format which makes the
    information easy to read in a standardized format
    with a profile summary.

    Our solution includes an exclusive Auto Summary,
    providing a “snapshot” of important activity
    including the consumer’s monthly auto payments,
    interest rate, loan termination date and
    outstanding balance in an easy to locate and read

    For a quick score comparison between the credit
    bureaus, we’ve added the Score Summary
    Dashboard which provides a graphical view of
    each credit bureau score without having to scroll
    through each report.

  • Identity Verification and Fraud Detection
    700Credit provides a full suite of identity verification, fraud detection and driver's license authentication solutions for dealerships....

  • The headlines today tell the story – identity theft and fraud committed in the auto industry has topped one billion dollars – and continues to rise.  Threats are coming at you from multiple directions.  700Credit is here to protect your store through our all-encompassing Identity Verification and Fraud Detection platform which includes the following solutions:

    Identity Verification

    Our flagship product provides a summary table of results appended to each credit report providing a vital service by flagging information that on the surface may seem true, but in reality, is questionable. These warning messages focus on high-risk applicants, social security numbers, driver’s licenses, and addresses.

    Synthetic ID Fraud

    Advancements in identity authentication practices compel criminals and their networks to constantly adjust their tactics to exploit opportunities for which there are limited solutions. Synthetic identity fraud is a recent example of this type of criminal creativity.

    Our Synthetic ID Solution is built to combat synthetic fraud using a breadth of data and a suite of analytical fraud solutions to prevent criminals from continuing to hide behind their false identities.

    Driver’s License Authentication Solutions

    Protect your store with the industry’s most advanced data capture and driver’s license authentication solutions for automotive retailers today.  We have 2 platforms for dealer’s to authenticate customers – both remotely and in-store.  Our solutions empower dealers to identify – and stop – fraud at the TOP of the sales funnel.

    Mobile Scanning Solution

    QuickScan from 700Credit is a powerful mobile document authentication platform that provides dealerships real-time confirmation of the legitimacy of a customer’s driver’s license and identity. Although it can be used in-store, it is particularly helpful when used to verify the identities of online car buyers and leads.

    Physical Scanning Solution

    ID Drive from 700Credit & eLend Solutions provides dealers with the most comprehensive physical driver’s license scanning solution for automotive dealers today. This platform combines our prescreen & prequalification platforms, and our suite of Identity Verification tools including Red Flag & Synthetic Fraud detection to deliver fast, accurate results.

  • Soft Pulls
    700Credit provides multiple soft pull solutions to prequalify/prescreen consumers at the top of the sales funnel to drive more qualified leads....

  • Soft Pull Solutions from 700Credit

    The term “soft pull” refers to an action where
    an inquiry is made on a consumer’s credit
    file using name and address only. There is no
    social security number or date of birth required, and
    more importantly, it will not place a hard inquiry on
    the consumer’s credit file.

    700Credit offers two kinds of soft pulls: a
    consumer-initiated or prequalification soft pull and
    a dealer-initiated prescreen soft pull.

    With a prequalification, the consumer drives the
    process and provides “consent” to have the soft
    inquiry pulled. These types of soft pulls can be
    found on dealer websites and digital retailing apps,
    in the form of buttons and banners strategically
    placed to receive the highest rate of clicks. Upon
    completion of the prequal form, the dealer is
    provided a FICO score, full credit file, and auto
    loan summary so they can provide “penny perfect”
    payment quotes with interest rate so the first call
    can be a closing call.

    With a prescreen, dealers initiate the soft pull using
    the consumer’s name and address (again no SSN
    or DoB required) and receive a FICO score and auto
    loan summary again so they have visibility into
    the consumer’s credit profile and can provide an
    accurate payment with interest rate at the top of the
    sales funnel.

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