Strategic Marketing

Louisville,  KY 
United States

Data Inspired Marketing Solutions

Strategic Marketing provides data inspired marketing solutions. After 27 years in the automotive industry, our experience and expertise allow us to approach data mining from a true marketing perspective. We specialize in retaining, re-engaging, and recruiting customers for sales and service. You will find that our platforms require less time and less effort from you to achieve your goals. It’s just easier with Strategic.

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    Data Inspired Marketing Solutions that Retain, Re-engage and Recruit Customers...

  • Take Your ROI To A Whole New Level

    Sales & Inventory Builder are our highly effective, omni-channel marketing platforms. They give our clients a more efficient way to communicate with their customers. As a result, they ensure that your dealership has the highest close rates available from initial contact to follow-up. 


    Build Dealership Loyalty One RO at a Time

    Service Builder allows dealers to further tap into their customers by automating touches throughout the life-cycle of vehicle ownership. This will help you increase your service traffic by effectively segmenting and targeting your customer base by remaining in front of your clients. As a result, you are sure to get a leg up on your competition.


    Automate Your Data Mining

    Empower is our automated marketing and data mining platform. It identifies opportunities in your DMS and outside your market. This revolutionary platform communicates automatically to your lower funnel and other buying cycle opportunities. Empower can identify purchase behaviors for you by using trigger points in your data. Then, it will send the right messages at the right time. Automating your marketing has never been easier.

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