StrategicSource, Inc.

Bloomington,  MN 
United States

StrategicSource is your Spend Management Partner

StrategicSource, Inc. partners with their clients to Cut Costs, Save Time and Improve Profits.

Founded in 1992 by Douglas Austin, StrategicSource has served over 700 companies offering spend management solutions, sourcing support, implementation management, audits and supplier compliance.  

With expertise in over 160 expense, cost recovery and revenue enhancing categories, we help companies maximize their limited resources so they can focus on growing their business.

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  • Innovative Supplier "Meet and Greet" Friday, 27 January 1pm-4pm @ Booth #5931

    "Come and meet some of our Innovative Suppliers that help Dealers keep MORE of their hard earned money. Enjoy refreshments, compliments of StrategicSource and Dealer Merchant Services!"

 Press Releases

  • (Dec 07, 2022)

    A StrategicSource client was skeptical about reviewing their Hazardous Waste expenses due to their unconventional usage. After reviewing and implementing several expense reduction solutions recommended by StrategicSource, the client decided to follow StrategicSource's guidance to analyze the Hazardous Waste expense as well. The review of this category worked out great for the client, and StrategicSource was able to utilize a renegotiation strategy that secured over 58% in annual savings with the client's current supplier. 

  • If you are seeking a partner to help control, manage and reduce expenses – I would recommend you consider StrategicSource to serve you and your management team.


  • Saving Time and Improving Profits
    StrategicSource, Inc. partners with clients to Save Time and Improve Profits....

  • In December, a StrategicSource client was skeptical about moving forward with a partnered supplier, Dynatron. The client was worried about Dynatron and what success they could have with their OEM. In order to help instill confidence to move forward, StrategicSource worked with Dynatron to provide references and additional information. This led the client to have confidence signing with Dynatron and the excitement was only larger with the large success. Total annual savings: $997,733. 

     StrategicSource was able to provide honest feedback from the supplier and current customer satisfaction to help the StrategicSource client make their decision. 

 Additional Info

This company does business in international markets.