Milwaukee,  WI 
United States

Turn automated customer communication into revenue

Turn automated customer communications into revenue with Text2Drive: A complete customer communication and retention automation suite that is proven to increase revenue by $20,000 per month and improve CSI scores by 35% by automating lifecycle communication around 17 key customer decision points and leveraging the 98% open rate of text messages. 

Automated texts that drive ROs: Previously declined service reminders (12.65% of customers open an RO within 30 days), Service Reminders (15% of customers open ROs within 30 days), Recall Alerts helped dealers earn an additional $282 per RO on average. 

Professionally presented video/photo MPIs that drive an additional $125 per RO. 

Speed check out including contactless mobile pay (used by 78% of customers) and pickup scheduler. 

We are a sister company to Service Lane eAdvisor and Dealerlogix. We saw a gap in the service solutions space. So, we combined our tools under a single interface to deliver a new type of holistic service suite that hasn’t existed in the market until now. Dealers get the power, specificity, and deep feature sets of specialty products plus the convenience and connectedness of an all-in-one solution. 

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