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Maximize 100% of your potential tire and aligmnment opportunities with our easy-to-use, state-of-the-art, accurate data-capture devices and software.  TraXtion is priced so you can deploy the software and hardware in all of your service lanes.  TraXtion is the only company in the industry that allows you to measure tread-depth and alignment needs in a single product.  Build customer trust & engagement with no capital expenditures and Day 1 revenue in the door.  Let us show you how in less than 10 minutes!

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  • Re-Designed Solution Now Makes it More Affordable for Service Departments to
    Capture 100% of Tire and Wheel Alignment Opportunities without Adding Staff

    Irving, TX — TraXtion, formerly Tire Profiles, announced the launch of TreadSpecX, the latest evolution of the TreadSpec equipment line. In 2010, TreadSpec became the first non-stop, drive-over, tire tread depth and alignment measurement tool.   TreadSpec serves as TraXtion’s flagship solution and remains the industry’s best-selling hardware platform for tire, alignment and around-the-wheel diagnostics and sales.  This recent product release, called TreadSpecX, marks a significant redesign and re-engineering for the industry-leading solution.

    “This is a major milestone in this space,” explains David Boyle CEO of TraXtion. “This is the first major redesign of this type of equipment since we launched the very first iteration 12 years ago. TreadSpecX revolutionizes the process of capturing tire and alignment data on the service drive to support a better and more transparent process of recommending needed services to consumers. Not only was the goal to improve the technology, but to reduce manufacturing costs, making it more accessible to dealerships, retail tire stores and other automotive repair facilities.”

    Two years ago, Boyle realized wheel diagnostics was headed in the wrong direction.  The cost of competing solutions was increasing, forcing many service facilities to either carry the burden of hefty equipment costs or return to a staff-dependent, manual process.  Neither one of those options produce deliver for consumers who seek value, efficiency, accuracy and transparency from their trusted service providers.

    “My goal from the beginning was to have a product in every service lane that provided a strong measurable ROI”, Boyle added. “This latest version of TreadSpecX from TraXtion enables repair facility to affordably capture 100% of the opportunity. In addition, TraXtion no longer charges for the hardware. The entire solution is included as part of the TraXtion platform, relieving dealers from suffocating capital expenditures and the fear of equipment being outdated before they’ve even paid it off. We wanted to earn the business and be viewed as a trusted partner by offering a product that was a monthly operating expense that could be directly measured against performance.”

    As a result, TraXtion dealers no longer need to worry about the cost of the hardware and coverage. Much like the cell phone model, if you pay for the software, TraXtion provides the devices and the accompanying lifetime warranty. Adding to the innovative model, TraXtion also equips every inbound service lane with TreadSpecX in order to maximize a dealer’s potential profit by capturing all of the opportunity.

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    About TraXtion: TraXtion is the automotive industry’s leading hardware platform for tire, alignment and around-the-wheel diagnostics and sales. The company creates affordable and innovative solutions for dealers and repair facilities that drive more revenue from an enhanced consumer experience. TraXtion is a privately-held company based in Irving, TX. For more information, please visit

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