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See Data in a New Way and Decrease Spend by 25%.

Vistadash is the automotive industry’s premier marketing intelligence tool, giving automotive dealers the ability to consolidate and simplify reporting, as well as measure the quality of their online and offline marketing campaigns based on engagement. It’s clear, user-friendly interface displays all the latest data trends at a glance, allowing users to quickly and easily analyze information and encourage smarter marketing decisions.  Vistadash powering NADA Analytics providing dealers with actionable insights on their marketing data. Learn more:

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  • GRAPEVINE, Texas, Jan. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Vistadash and DealerBuilt are excited to announce their partnership with Autometrics, a provider of automotive predictive purchase intent data that enables dealerships to optimize advertising spend. Together, this powerhouse trio aims to provide dealerships with the ultimate package in automotive advertising.

    "With Vistadash and DealerBuilt, a dealership already has a more efficient and profitable means of taking their advertising to the next level," says Dan Moore, president of Vistadash. "With Autometrics predictive data added to the mix, a dealership can better align their advertising based on predictions of what future buyers are looking to purchase over the next two months.

    Autometrics' purchase intent data enables dealers, automakers, their agencies, and industry analysts to track essential metrics, including new car demand, competitive threats and opportunities, marketing and incentive effectiveness, shopper-to-sales conversion ratios, cross-shopping activity, and inventory management opportunities, all at national, regional, DMA, and PMA levels. Combined with the latest data science techniques developed in-house by Autometrics, including AI Machine Learning, clients can tactically allocate sales and marketing resources to reflect changing patterns of purchase intent, increasing sales at a lower cost.

    The Vistadash software platform is designed to be the standard for automotive data warehousing, providing valuable insights to the dealers who use the software. Developed with the feedback of dealers across the country, Vistadash is a vendor-neutral company created to help dealers manage their human resources, processes, and marketing investments.

    DealerBuilt provides a modern, highly-customizable ceDMS platform that conforms to each dealer's unique business processes, enterprise transactions, and reporting requirements. The agility of their platform, combined with their long history of co-innovation with their clients and focus on developing partnerships with other tech innovators, ensure that each client's ceDMS solution remains precisely tailored to their evolving needs.

    Vistadash and DealerBuilt plan to unveil their partnership with Autometrics at the upcoming NADA show in Dallas, Texas.

    "NADA is the perfect place for us to demonstrate to dealerships how this partnership can serve their advertising needs in a way that other companies can't," says Stephen Shaw, President of Autometrics. "Between all three companies, you get everything you need and then some.

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