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We challenge industries and processes to drive positive transformation. Our data and insights create new revenue streams, aid safer driving, enable more effective marketing, ease traffic congestion, reduce commute times and helps drivers easily find a parking spot.

We achieve this through our award-winning technology platform, ADEPT; by looking after the world’s data as if it were our own by prioritizing and innovating in privacy and security; our expert team who push the boundaries and think big.

 Press Releases

  • Ford to provide, with customer consent, connected vehicle data, helping drive innovation and accurate policymaking for U.S.insurance providers and their customers.

    MANCHESTER, England / DEARBORN, Mich., Nov. X, 2022 – Wejo Group Limited (NASDAQ:WEJO), a global leader in Smart Mobility for Good and cloud and software solutions for connected, electric and autonomous vehicle data, today announced the U.S. expansion of its insurance offering with Ford Motor Company.

    Insurance providers will be able to better understand driving behaviors through connected vehicle data and insights to support user-based intelligence for end-to-end insurance with the help of Wejo and Ford’s collaboration. This announcement comes after Wejo and Ford successfully launched the same program throughout Europe in June.

    “Expanding our joint capabilities with Ford in the U.S. enables mutual benefit to both policyholders and insurers as auto insurance companies leverage connected vehicle data for good. We’re excited to embrace the estimated $1.7billion by 2030 total addressable user-based insurance market in the U.S. by working with vehicle OEMs to help insurance providers leverage actionable data insights. Our expanded partnership with Ford for end-to-end insurance is a significant step toward reinventing auto insurance for a smarter, safer future.” said Richard Barlow, founder and CEO of Wejo.

    When this offering is available, with customer consent, connected vehicle data can be used to establish usage-based vehicle insurance policies that reward customers based on their driving behaviors. This data can help the vehicle insurance industry better validate customer supplied details, identify and minimize insurance fraud, offer more accurate dynamic pricing models, and reduce risks for safer journeys and less stress on policymakers and customers.

    “We are excited to expand our insurance data services relationship with Wejo into the U.S. market,” said Amy Graham, Services Marketing director at Ford Motor Company. “Connected vehicle data allows insurance providers to better understand driving behaviors which can result in discounts to policy holders and ultimately help reduce the total cost of vehicle ownership for our customers.”  

    This agreement focuses on using defined data sets created for end-to-end insurance in the U.S. Wejo’s broad range of capabilities and experience in interpreting documented and real-time connected vehicle data, including over 79 billion journeys to date collected from approximately 18 million connected vehicles in the U.S., creates an opportunity to help insurance companies globally deliver the next generation of auto insurance to further its promise of data for good.

  • The agreement will allow Wejo to provide connected vehicle data services for participating Toyota fleet vehicles in the U.S.

    MANCHESTER, England, January , 2023 – Wejo Group Limited (NASDAQ: WEJO), a global leader in Smart Mobility for Good™ cloud and software solutions for connected, electric and autonomous vehicle data, today announced a data agreement with Toyota Motor North America. The agreement will allow Wejo to provide personalized connected vehicle data services for participating cloud-connected fleet vehicles in the U.S. It represents an important step towards Wejo’s capture of the estimated $61 billion by 2030 service addressable connected vehicle data market. The data Wejo receives will be derived from participating Toyota fleet vehicles and processed and anonymized through Wejo’s ADEPT platform.  The data can then be leveraged by telematics service providers (TSPs), fleet owners and fleet management service (FMS) companies interested in utilizing data from embedded OEM hardware to support fleet services instead of more unreliable aftermarket hardware.

    The Wejo data from Toyota’s participating connected fleet vehicles can empower TSPs and FMS companies with the insights needed to inform operations, including geographic locations, fuel insights, odometer and speed readings, and tire pressure. Additionally, Wejo will have access to driver behavior information from these participating Toyota fleet vehicles that includes the necessary data to promote safe driving. By leveraging driver performance, Wejo’s customers will be able to identify opportunities for improvement and training, ultimately allowing fleet owners peace of mind, knowing that they are leveraging data for the good of their fleets and drivers while protecting their investments and reducing exposure to liability.

    “Enabling Wejo to deliver TSPs and FMS companies with data-driven enhanced fleet management insights for their fleet customers will help improve safety and drive efficiencies on the roadways. Our partnership with Wejo allows us to expand how and where we’re offering our data while keeping the control in the hands of our customers.”  
    Josh Batie, general manager of Toyota Connected Technologies

    In addition to traditional fleet management offerings, participating Toyota fleet vehicle owners will get their data directly from their vehicles without the need for additional aftermarket hardware or data plans.  However, Toyota fleet-connected vehicle data is shared only at the express request and direction of Toyota customers that have expressly agreed to such sharing with Wejo. Additionally, Wejo ADEPT delivers the highest standards in keeping consumers’ data safe.  

    “Smart mobility for good is at the core of everything we do at Wejo, and our partnership with Toyota is a continued example of this mission. Enabling TSPs, fleet owners, and FMS with the data and insights necessary to keep their drivers safe on the road while driving efficiencies across fleets is a prime example of how smart mobility can deliver benefits for business and society.”  
    Benoit Joly, Chief Commercial Officer at Wejo

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