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Farmers Branch,,  TX 
United States

Automotive Floor Experts! Dealers love us!

At AutoStoneUSA, we are automotive flooring experts.  We are dedicated to the design, manufacturing and supply of porcelain tile and other materials for the automotive retail and service facility.  Founded in 1997, AutoStoneUSA has a 25 + year history of supporting the automotive industry.  We are approved by more brands than anyone and our team of experts are dedicated to support dealership builds.  Today, we supply brand approved showroom materials and the best solutions for your service drive, workshop and exterior vehicle displays.  No other company is focused exclusively on the automotive retailing facility, and no one will work harder for ownership (dealers), your architects, builders and the flooring contractors who install these floors.  We are preferred, approved for use, or an approved alternate on 16 automotive brand programs, and we have a solution for your dealership build.

When it comes to supply chain integrity and strength, AutoStoneUSA produces more than 75% of our products in the USA.  AutoStoneUSA is the answer that eliminates supply chain risk. When it comes to supplying an automotive program,  the shorter the supply chain, the better the results.  AutoStoneUSA is the best guarantee of success for any automotive image program and dealership build.  AutoStoneUSA manufacturing creates American jobs, supports American communities, and increases American infrastructure and investment. Buy smarter, buy the best, avoid supply-chain disruption, avoid volatile pricing, and buy American made products by AutoStoneUSA. 

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