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Joe Verde Sales Training: #1 In The Car Business

It’s Time To Train!

If you can see more potential in your sales department, 
Joe Verde is the name you can trust to get you there.

Even if your profits are high, aren’t you still seeing lost sales every day? If you know your salespeople have more potential, don’t wait until profits slide to make training a priority.

JVTN® Online: 20+ Sales Courses To Maximize Your Results
Salespeople want to improve and the Joe Verde Training Network®, JVTN®, is the #1 online training site for one reason: RESULTS! That’s why over 45 million chapters of our courses have been taken by our users.

Live Workshops for Salespeople & Managers
Want results quick? Fast track your success with our #1 rated Sales and Team Leadership Workshops. Our workshops combined with our online training is your shortcut to more sales and profits today, plus long-term growth. Our workshops sell out, so reserve your workshop seats now.

Dealer Groups: Take advantage of our 38 years of experience and strength!
More stores means more potential, and I know you see that in your group. Unleash the power you know your brand has by putting our sales training and processes in your stores. When you make a commitment with us, get ready for the Big Green Fireworks!

New or Used, Small Dealership or Superstore
Stop at our booth #1533 or call us at (866) 850-3730, and we’ll work with you to design the perfect training solution to reach your sales goals.


Joe Verde: Sales & Management Training


  • Close, Overcome Objections & Negotiate Workshop
    Close More – Overcome Objections – Negotiate…We know that more commitments mean more deliveries. Get to Joe’s Advanced Selling, Closing and Negotiation Workshop and take your dealership to the next level....

  • Joe’s Close, Overcome Objections & Negotiate Workshop

    Is your team missing sales because they just couldn’t close the deal? Do they have a solid buying commitment from customers before they go inside?

    Help them get the skills they need to become an effective closer and negotiator for today’s buyer by attending this workshop.

    Workshops are held across the USA, Canada or at your dealership…

    Stop by Booth 1533 and find out more!

  • How To Sell A Car & Close The Sale Today Workshop
    Jumpstart your sales with Joe Verde’s Sales Workshop, “How To Sell A Car, Stay Off Price & Close The Sale” by getting your team on the right track for 2023!...

  • Joe’s How To Sell A Car, Stay Off Price & Close The Sale Workshop

    Do you want to improve your sales and profit right away?

    Selling is a process – and this fast-paced Workshop shows both salespeople and managers the best way to turn any difficult deal into an easy, high gross sale that guarantees repeat and referral business. In this changing market, salespeople need to develop their skills to sell to the traffic on the lot, make appointments that show, be able to close in the negotiation for higher gross, and build their customer base.

    We can help…Joe Verde develops high achievers and pros in sales with a deliberate, effective and proven sales process that your salespeople can follow every time, with every customer.

    Workshops are held across the USA, Canada or at your dealership…

    Stop by and meet the Joe Verde Training Team at Booth 1533 for more information.

  • JVTN® – Online Training
    It’s Time To Train...Bring Joe and his trainers into your dealership with JVTN® to sell more cars with his online sales training courses – Professional Selling, Internet/Phone Training, Overcoming Objections, Closing/Negotiation and Customer Retention....

  • JVTN® – Online Training Made Easy

    With NEW content added every week, Joe Verde’s Training Network® (JVTN®) is the worldwide leader for online sales and management training in the automotive business.

    Problems are easily solved and opportunities are easily developed with our training. We help dealerships grow by teaching salespeople how to sell more cars with improved gross and great CSI. Training available on standard & mobile platforms.

    How can Joe Verde benefit your dealership?

    That's easy, you'll make more money and:

    • Get NEW salespeople up to speed – fast!
    • Put more internet & phone leads on the lot
    • Sell more units & increase gross
    • Improve CSI
    • Retain customers for life

    Sales courses on how to:

    • Sell more cars – new & pre-owned
    • Close the sale
    • Overcome objections
    • Negotiate a win-win
    • Handle internet leads & incoming calls
    • Follow up sold & unsold prospects
    • Courses available online, plus on DVD or On Demand

    Order Today ● Sell More Tomorrow!
    Stop by Booth 1533 for more info

  • JVTN® – What's New Online!
    What’s new on Joe Verde’s online training? With new sales training videos added every month, we will take your dealership sales and profits to the next level!...

  • What’s New On Joe Verde’s Online Training?

    Want an extra shot in the arm to get your salespeople pumped to sell more units in 2023? Check out these exciting, new program additions to help you sell more cars, have more fun and make more money.

    Weekend Game Plan – One of our most popular video series of sales tips on JVTN®. A new sales tip from our Joe Verde trainer experts is posted online every Friday for subscribers only.

    Money Maker Meetings – Short, quick sales meetings.

    Joe’s Audio Sales Podcasts – Stream sales podcasts for short, selling tips when you’re on the go or in the car.

    Courses & Favorites Available on Audio – Core selling courses and extras now on audio.

    Goal Setting & Tracking – All the sales tools for success are at your fingertips in this module, including training courses, Joe’s books, online calculators, popular audios and more! 

    It's Time To Train!
    Go To Booth 1533

  • Phone And Internet Leads Workshop
    Looking for an easy way to get 3 more units per salesperson right away? Joe’s Phone And Internet Leads Workshop will show your team how to turn more internet lead and incoming calls into appointments that show – and buy!...

  • Joe’s Phone And Internet Leads Workshop

    Want more of your phone and internet leads to show up on the lot – and buy? How about having each salesperson sell 3 more units right away each month?

    For your sales and BDC staff: Many dealerships miss too many deliveries from their phone and internet lead sources – we fix that in this Workshop!

    See how to turn more leads into appointments that show and put sales on the board this month. Workshops are held across the USA, Canada or at your dealership…

    Get more info on this Workshop at Booth 1533

  • Team Leadership Management Workshop
    Lead – Coach – Train…Get to Joe’s Team Leadership Workshop for dealers and managers and become more ‘Management Driven’ instead of ‘Market Dependent’ to improve your growth and profit....

  • Joe’s Team Leadership Management Workshop

    The skills of your management team directly affect the results of your salespeople. The key takeaway from our Team Leadership Workshop is a step-by-step guide to manage, motivate and control your sales floor so you can increase sales and gross.

    This workshop shows you how to develop high achievers in sales – for dealers and managers who are committed to growth!

    Workshops are held across the USA, Canada or at your dealership…

    Visit the Joe Verde Training Team at Booth 1533
    for more information to sell more cars and improve gross profit in 30 days!

  • Train The Trainer Manager Workshop
    Meeting the new demands of today’s buyers is more critical than ever. Get to Joe’s Train The Trainer Workshop & come away with a dynamic training plan that will turn your sales meetings into “Skill Development Sessions” and increase sales, gross and CSI....

  • Joe’s Train The Trainer Manager Workshop

    Are your salespeople ready for their next buyer? Training your team to meet the new demands from millennial and internet buyers who expect to get a ‘world-class buying experience’ at your dealership is more critical than ever.

    Get to Joe’s Train The Trainer Workshop where you’ll develop a dynamic training plan to turn your sales meetings into “Skill Development Sessions” that will increase your sales, gross and CSI.

    Workshops are held across the USA, Canada or at your dealership…

    Stop by Booth 1533 for your road map to success with Joe’s Training!

  • Working Deals & Negotiation Workshop
    Improve your sales, gross and CSI with Joe’s easy 20-minute, customer friendly, 3-step Process. Schedule your managers for Joe’s Working Deals & Negotiation Workshop....

  • Joe’s Working Deals & Negotiation Workshop

    Deliver more units, maximize your gross on every deal and increase your customer satisfaction scores.

    Stop by to learn more about our Desking & Negotiation Workshop and see how to work deals that deliver more units to happier customers at higher gross by following our 3-Step Negotiation Process. Make more deals – come see us today!

    Find out more at Booth 1533

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