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The ultimate efficiency solution for dealers

Bayley had a stellar 2022 with its automotive efficiency solutions for dealers and is off to a great start in 2023!

Bayley SmartShop is a hardware/software cloud-based efficiency system for dealership service departments that captures key data points during customer visits, and technician productivity while identifying any bottleneck that you may have in your service department. 

Bayley SmartLot is a hardware/software solution combined with a web and mobile app that tracks vehicles and keys throughout waypoints to give exact locations every 15 seconds.  When vehicles or keys enter certain waypoints automatic notifications are sent.  Ie: Stock#716618  2022 Honda Accord EX is now in detail. 

Learn more at or stop by Booth # 301. 

 Press Releases


    Bayley is launching their newest product, SmartLot at the NADA Show in Dallas, TX - January 27-29 - 

    SmartLot is an innovative solution that helps dealerships easily locate their vehicles and keys and track them through the service and sales lifecycle. With SmartLot, dealerships can quickly find the vehicle they need while tracking the vehicle’s complete history and providing real-time information on its location and condition. 

    SmartLot is the perfect solution for dealerships looking to locate their vehicles and keys quickly,” said Marcus Aman, CEO of Bayley. “It’s a time-saving solution that helps dealerships reduce costs and increase efficiency. We’re excited to launch this product at NADA and can’t wait to show dealerships how they can benefit from it.” SmartLot is available to all dealerships at the NADA Show in Dallas, Texas. For more information, please visit their website at or stop by Booth #301 at the NADA show in Dallas, TX.

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