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BendPak & NADA 2023: Are You Ready?

BendPak is known worldwide as the Benchmark of Quality, and for good reason. Here at NADA 2023, you’ll be able to see firsthand how we earned that title. You’ll be able to get up close and personal with some brand-new exciting equipment that we’ve been working on. We have lifts designed to handle electric vehicles with ease, the world’s best evaporative cooler, an incredibly comfortable creeper seat, and more! Work with the best, work with BendPak.


  • HD-973PX - Triple Stacker
    Supersize your parking capacity with this tri-level parking lift – the HD-973PX! This revolutionary lift can park up to three vehicles in once space! This intuitively designed lift ditches unnecessary steel so you can save big!...

  • The rugged design of this four-post lift makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor installation, instantly tripling your parking and storing capability. The HD-973PX comes loaded with safety features that ensure that your vehicle will stay in the air. This lift is shorter in stature than other tri-level systems, but it can still yield a full 70 inches of rise.

    For extra safety, the HD-973PX features multi-position safety locks that are spaced just four inches apart. This means that you have virtually unlimited parking height arrangements on either the upper or lower decks. It also includes redundant, anti-fall, spring-loaded safety catches which halt downward movement of either platform in the extremely unlikely event of cable failure.

    The top level can easily handle up to 7,000 lbs. while the lower level can take on 9,000 lbs. With a small footprint and an exemplary design, this lift is perfect for both home garages and professional shops.

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