Buzz Doering Automobile Leasing Consultant

Jackson,  WI 
United States

Buzz started Doering Leasing Company in 1966 and the Consulting business in 1982.  He has done training for 1000's of dealerships; most of the manufacturers; GMAC, ASTN and many 20 Groups.

We offer:

  • One Day Lease In-House Training Programs and On-going Consulting for all size dealerships..  
  • Workshops and seminars for Manufacturers,  Dealer Groups, Trade or Advertising Associations, 20 Groups

Our programs educate and motivate managers and sales persons to effectively use leasing to increase gross profits, sell more cars and increase lease penetration and retention.  


  • Lease Training and On-Going Consulting
    Our programs educate and motivate managers and salespersons to effectively use leasing to increase gross profits, sell more cars and increase lease penetration and retention....

  • Leasing is an educational process and starts with the dealership. Too many dealers think they are in a "unique market and all their customers want to own". Through non-confrontational education any dealer can convert buyers -even cash buyers. The biggest concern of dealers today is affordability of product. Peoples' income hasn't gone up as fast as the price of vehicles. Too many dealers think long term financing solves the affordability problem. IT DOESN'T! It postpones the problem and makes it worse - leading to an average of $5190 negative equity! Converting the customer to a 36 month closed-end lease is the solution. Regardless of vehicle's value, after 36 months the contract is paid up. NO Negative Equity! So now the dealer keeps all the gross on the next deal instead of using some to unbury the trade. That's why the customer retention in leasing is THREE TIMES higher than selling. The attendee will be able to identify how their sales, gross profit and customer retention will improve through establishing a leasing process within their dealership and clearly be able to identify the best prospective lessee and learn how to convert them from a buy to a lease