Call Team Six

Boca Raton,  FL 
United States

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Call Team Six is one of the fastest growing Sales and full Inbound/Outbound Service BDC companies in the market. We have grown to over 200 rooftops in just two years of operation and adding everyday! What is the movitation behind this rapid rise in one of the most competitive segments in the auto-industry?  People, process, and technology. We are a BDC company built by dealership owners, so we get what you go through everyday. We combine dealership trained agents, proven processes, and omni-channel auto-dialing/text marketing technology, that helps drive traffic like never before!

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  • Waive All Set-Up Fees When Signing Up at NADA! 

    Benefits of Call Team Six BDC: 

    • - Auto-dialing Technology:  Our software allows agents to make up to 200+ calls per agent, per day.  If a call is not connected, our system will automatically leave a VM, send an email, and send a text message.  This leaves the user to continue to call the next customer without missing any time.  We seamlessly connect to all major CRMs. 
    • - Text Blast Capabilities:  Our software allows us to mass communicate sales and service messages in seconds to any targeted customer list you can think of.  Examples would be:  Service recall lists, Purchased but never serviced lists, unsold leads for last 180 days, equity mining lists, etc.  This can be in plain text, or include pictures and videos.  Your agents or ours can respond to these, up to you. 
    • - Automated Text Message Follow-up:  Our system can send automated Happy Birthday messages, lease-end reminders, loan maturity reminders, important CSI information and more.  CRMs cannot do this automated; it must be done manually.
    • - Available Mobile App for Sales and Service: Sales and service staff can easily send pictures/videos to customers who request them without using personal cell numbers, data, or email address.  Our system allows for entire management staff to access those pictures and videos for training and accountability purposes when sent via our app.  
    • - Free Call Recording:  Any agent, yours and/or ours, calls are recorded for quality and training purposes. 
    • - Missed Call Text Reply technology.  This will text a customer who calls into service and their call was missed.  This ability will immediately reengage the customer to keep them talking to your dealership.  At that point the customer can either complete their reason for calling via text, or they can request an immediate call back.  When using our agents for taking inbound service calls, we also track the reasons why the customer is calling to help identify inefficiencies and increase ROI. 
    • - Hot Transfer Text Capabilities:  We have the ability to "T.O." any customer who needs management's attention via text instantly.  Bridging the gap that typically haunts BDC's and desk managers.  We also send these to managers (or any assigned persons) on every single appointment we set.  This is available when using your agents, or ours, either way. 
    • - Automated Appointment Text Confirmations:  When an appointment is scheduled, our system will automatically send a text confirmation to the customer with directions to your dealership.  
    • Also note that if you decide to lease our software and have your agents utilize the technology, you can still outsource items such as the manifest lists to our BDC and allow our agents to make the higher funnel calls/text/emails.  This further allows your agents to maximize the lower funnel conversions, while we help backfill.  Our Text Blast feature is ideal for this marketing. 

 Additional Info

This company does business in international markets.