ACAR Report

Englewood,  CO 
United States

Analyze, optimize, and make MORE money!

ACAR provides a solution to maximize your auto dealerships profits and keep your operations running at full efficiency. Combine all aspects of your dealerships into ONE simple report. By using our thorough and comprehensive reports, we can diagnose whatever is ailing your car dealership. We analyze a wide range of factors relating to your business to give you the best and most extensive report possible.

The ACAR Report:

Using same month, quarterly, year-to-date and 4-year comparison analysis, trends, graphs, and benchmarks The ACAR Report provides detailed financial breakdown of all departments; New, Used, F & I, Service, Parts, and Body Shop, along with balance sheet, receivables, expenses, inventories, productivity, market share and CSI.

The ACAR Group Report:

Compare each of your dealerships side by side with our comprehensive Group Report.  This report includes all of the information in the ACAR report for each of your dealerships plus it includes additional calculations and tables for further comparisons.  Franchises can also compare line by line in the Industry Standard Report.

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