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Dent Wizard International  

Bridgeton,  MO 
United States
  • Booth: 1701C

Welcome! We are your SMART Auto Recon Partner

Dent Wizard is North America’s leading provider of S.MA.R.T. repairs (Small/Medium Auto Repair Techniques). We offer PDR; bumper repair; wheel repair; interior repair; and more.

Dent Wizard provides a fully integrated reconditioning program, Frontline Fast, which simplifies the retail ready process & enhances profitability. Our program increases the speed by which vehicles are reconditioned, resulting in cars selling faster & for more money.

In addition, we offer onsite reconditioning services designed to keep customers’ cars in like-new condition. Dent Wizard also offers industry-leading service plans,  Ding Shield, Ding Shield Preferred & Ding Shield Signature. These plans cover PDR, wheel repair, windshield chip repair, bumper scuff repair, as well as a hail deductible benefit and are sold through dealership F&I departments. We also offer Ding Shield Drive, the first service plan that covers pre-existing dents, sold through the service drive.

 Press Releases

  • Dent Wizard Introduces Ding Shield Drive, the Only Appearance Service Plan Sold Through Dealership Service Drives and Body Shops that Covers Pre-Existing Dents

    Ding Shield, a proven performer in dealership F&I offices, is now available as a program to boost customer loyalty, CSI and revenue in service drives and body shops

     Dent Wizard International, the global leader in automotive reconditioning using SMART (Small to Medium Area Repair Techniques) repairs, recently introduced Ding Shield Drive, an appearance service plan sold through dealership service drives and body shops that is designed to protect customers’ investments and enhance customer loyalty.  Ding Shield Drive is the only service plan currently on the market that covers pre-existing dents.

    Ding Shield Drive’s coverage details include: Repairs for up to three pre-existing dings on vehicles up to five years old; unlimited PDR coverage for up to 84 months; unlimited number of dents and dings removed over the life of the contract without ever having to file an auto insurance claim or pay a deductible; one day rental coverage; plus, additional hail coverage over life of the contract.  For specific details of coverage, including calculation of vehicle age, hail/acorn damage, and state exclusions contact Dent Wizard.

    “Selling a service plan like this opens up a whole new revenue opportunity for dealer service drives and body shops,” said Aaron Cooper, Dent Wizard’s National Director of F&I.  “The fact that it covers pre-existing dents makes it much easier to sell than competing service plans.”


  • (Dec 29, 2015)

    After earning a reputation as the North American leader in quality PDR services, including industry-leading warranties, technician training and responsible business management, Dent Wizard expanded its service offerings, adding more SMART repair services.  SMART = Small to Medium Area Repair Techniques.   Dent Wizard’s SMART repair services today include: PDR; bumper repair; wheel repair; chip and scratch repair; interior repair; headlight brightening; and exterior blackout.



  • Bumper Repair
    Scrapes, scruffs, dents, scratches and gouges on your bumper take away from a vehicle's curb appeal and value....

  • Bumper repair is one of the many exterior SMART repair services available to automotive service providers through Dent Wizard.  

    Scuff, scrape and abrasion damage to bumpers and bumper covers is quickly repaired through our bumper repair process.  OEM color matched paint is used and is a much more cost effective alternative to bumper replacement.

  • Frontline Fast
    Frontline Fast is Dent Wizard's dealer-focused, multi-service program developed to streamline, simplify, and expedite the reconditoning process for pre-owned inventory....

  • Time Matters!!

    Each day your inventory awaits reconditioning adds costs and reduces margin and profits.  Using Frontline Fast can cut your reconditoning days in half!

    Frontline Fast provides:

    • Simplified vendor management
    • One reconditioning partner with true accountability
    • Full suite of services performed on premise
    • Services tailored to your retail ready appearance standards
    • Improved time to frontline
  • Interior Repairs
    Burns, minor tears and small punctures go through a dyeing and repair process that quickly restores upholstery to their original texture and appearance....

  • A well-kept interior can make or break a potential resale of a vehicle.  Dent Wizard’s interior repair services provide an affordable solution for automotive businesses that rely on well-maintained vehicles and fast, SMART repairs.

    Dent Wizard technicians are equipped to provide the following interior repair solutions for automotive service providers:

    Our trained team of interior repair technicians utilize industry-leading techniques and take advantage of the newest interior repair technology.

  • Paintless Dent Removal
    Dent Wizard's Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) is a process whereby dents, dings, and creases are reformed to their original factory condition without any sanding or bonding....

  • Dent Wizard's Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) process has made us the leader in PDR and experts in a variety of SMART (small to medium repair techniques) repairs.

    Our technicians are trained experts in PDR and use the latest innovative technologies to repair dents without affecting a vehicle’s factory paint job.

    The Dent Wizard Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) process is designed to get behind a vehicle’s "skin" and massage dented panels back to their original shape.

  • Wheel Repair
    Wheels, or wheel covers, with minor scrapes, scratches and scuffs are quickly restored to their original sheen through Dent Wizard's wheel repair process....

  • Wheel damage can take away from a vehicle’s curb appeal significantly. From scrapes to gauges and cracks, the unfortunate appearance can also result in an expensive fix: new wheels. Dent Wizard has been perfecting our repair techniques to meet the growing demand for high-quality wheel repairs.  Our wheel repair services can fix a variety of wheel damage – from peeling clear coats and damaged rims to bent and scratched wheels, our skilled technicians are able to return many types of wheels to their original condition. 

    In addition, in select locations, Dent Wizard now offers more extensive wheel repair services, using Dent Wizard's state of the art wheel repair center.  The wheel repair center is like an extension of your business.  As your partner in wheel repair, we've made the necessary investments in items such as technician training, spray booths, powder coating, CNC lathe equipment, wheel straightener, and TIG&MIG Welding, so that we could tackle your toughest jobs including scrapes, scratches, gouges, cracks, color change, and bent wheels.




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