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AutoStone Floor Systems  

Richardson,  TX 
United States
  • Booth: 4243

The most trusted name in automotive flooring!

AutoStone is the floor system more car brands choose. Automotive is all we do. We understand the requirements of your brand program and the need to be compliant. When you renovate or build a new facility, request AutoStone. More brands recommend or approve AutoStone than any other floor system.  Today, AutoStone support 20 automotive brands as either their preferred, recommended or approved floor system for your dealership.  To earn the trust of these brands, AutoStone supports dealerships better than anyone.

Your shop is an extension of your showroom.  The appearance of the service department area impacts customers’ perceptions and impacts CSI ratings.  Dealers who build service facilities which showcase their commitment to service generate more life-long, brand and dealer-loyal customers.  AutoStone builds the best permanent floor system today!

AutoStone floors are built with the latest advancements which include cleaning enhancements as well as STF (slip, trip and fall) risk management options.  Come see how AutoStone products help delivery cleaner, safer and smarter flooring solutions for your showroom, service drive and workshop areas.



  • driveseries!
    Many things impact your STF (slip, trip, fall) risk, including your floor. Your service drive and workshop are exposed to greater risk and have high employee and customer traffic. A game changer:

  • The reality of an automotive service facility is that dealers conduct business on floors that have contaminants tracked in by vehicles throughout the day.  This increases STF (slip, trip, fall) risk.  Employees and customers are constantly exposed to STF conditions which if not properly addressed can lead to litigation and higher general liability insurance premiums.  The question becomes, “what is the best floor surface to address the reality of the services we provide?”  The driveseries surface is a repeating pattern of 3-lines above the bed of the tile.  This enables shoe (sole) traction to occur above the tile bed, where moisture or surface contaminants rest.  This surface comes with our brightfinish, a permanent sealant baked-in during manufacturing which seals surface micro-pores.  Micro-pores hold on to rubber transfer and contaminants which make other tiles darken over time.  This ultra-cleanable technology aides daily standard cleaning practices.   

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