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Clearwater,  FL 
United States
  • Booth: 4329

Industry-leading solutions. 1 powerful platform.

AutoLoop has created the industry’s only true end-to-end solution for sales and service, streamlining operations and boosting dealer revenue. With full product integration, dealers seamlessly access, utilize and manage program modules, ensuring a seamless workflow and eliminating the need for multiple products from various vendors. Our platform is the only one you need to reach customers at every phase of the ownership lifecycle:  Sell, Service, Repeat.


  • AutoLoop Essentials
    With over 18.7 million responses and $3.7 billion in customer pay generated last year alone, Essentials drives profitability by engaging customers at every stage of the ownership lifecycle: sale, service and repurchase....

  • AutoLoop Essentials engages customers at every stage of the ownership lifecycle: sale, service and repurchase. It triggers timely communications to deliver relevant service alerts and offers. For increased responsiveness, targeted communications are sent via multiple channels: responsive email, phone, text, direct mail and social media.

    Boost additional sales and service revenue at any time with Essentials on-demand campaigns. Our gallery features thousands of brand-specific templates that are built around industry best practices with customizable elements.

    Manage results in realtime with performance dashboards, key metric reports, ROI analysis and more.

    While powerful alone, Essentials was engineered to be the backbone of the AutoLoop Customer Engagement Suite, ensuring the ongoing consistency and relevancy of all your messaging. To date, Essentials has recovered 4.3 million customers, boosted overall sales-to-service conversion rate 11 percent and generated 17.2 million ROs.

  • AutoLoop Book
    Book is a comprehensive skills management and shop-loading suite, proven to drive service revenue and boostadvisor efficiency by empoweringcustomers to make their own appointments through a 24/7 online web portal....

  • With over 2.9 million appointments and 17.2 million ROs generated last year alone, AutoLoop Book drives service scheduling by giving customers the freedom and flexibility to make appointments online or directly from an email. To ensure maximum speed and efficiency for every service performed in your lane, Book consolidates scheduling tasks, automating and streamlining advisor input.

    Book’s customer web portal optimizes the customer experience with 24/7 access to scheduling, full service recommendations and more. Control the types of services scheduled, review shop utilization in real-time, and receive personalized recommendations to stay on track. By directly engaging your customers in the process, Book consistently delivers up to 45% of all customer-booked appointments online.

    Fully integrated with the AutoLoop Customer Engagement Suite, Book is key to keeping your lanes full and your advisors operating at peak efficiency.

  • AutoLoop SmartLane
    SmartLane is a mobile check-in and service lane management tool for tablet, based on AutoLoop Book. It increases the speed and accuracy of service check-ins, streamlining the process and maximizing advisor time....

  • An exclusive tablet app based on AutoLoop Book, SmartLane streamlines the customer reception process. With instant VIN-scan recognition, seamless access to customer information, built-in upsell opportunities and electronic signature capture, service advisors are empowered to do more with every second.

    SmartLane expedites check-ins by pulling all critical information from a quick VIN scan. It reduces liability and pinpoints repair opportunities with a complete vehicle walk-around.  Additionally, built-in maintenance recommendations—including detailed Good/Better/Best menus and previously declined repairs—help you boost revenue on the spot. And SmartLane’s third-party integrations give your customers more options: present tire pricing and availability with Dealer Tire®, and facilitate loaner/rental management through TSD.

    Fully integrated with the AutoLoop Customer Engagement Suite, SmartLane brings the superior functionality of Book right into the service lane.

  • AutoLoop XRM
    XRM is the auto industry’s most comprehensive, user-friendly CRM solution. It automatically finds and manages internet leads, simplifies customer logging, customizes follow-up and streamlines desking....

  • AutoLoop XRM is the CRM platform that helps converts leads into purchases and one-time buyers into loyal customers by organizing and automating your sales, service and marketing processes.

    It begins with the Tracker tool, which monitors automotive websites and targets active shoppers. ILM manages internet leads efficiently, helping you follow up with hot leads and drive more sales.

    At your store, Mobile XRM unchains your sales force and enables you to add and retrieve customer info without being tied to a desk. Showroom Control merges all that data onto your desktop, ensuring seamless management. At the sale, Direct Desk improves the customer experience and maximizes your time by expediting deals. Lastly, Results-based Follow-up (RBF) scheduling streamlines your follow-up strategies, so that no customer slips through the cracks.

    Fully integrated with the AutoLoop Customer Engagement Suite, XRM  provides a powerful solution for managing, engaging and growing your customer base.

  • AutoLoop Bill Pay
    Bill Pay is an online service ledger and billing system that quickly and accurately accepts, processes and balances credit card transactions for service performed at your dealership....

  • AutoLoop Bill Pay makes your service billing interactive. Send invoices via email or text and give customers the opportunity to respond with questions for their advisor or simply proceed with online payment prior to vehicle pick-up.

    Online cashiering makes the  payment process easyto initiate. Upon open RO completion, your advisors set different invoicing statuses to get the billing process underway. The built-in reconciliation ledger lets you view end-of-day/end-of-week credit card reconciliations and compare against your DMS and other methods of payment.

    Fully integrated with the AutoLoop Customer Engagement Suite, Bill Pay streamlines the service process and keeps payments secure.

  • AutoLoop Quote
    Quote precisely targets customers in positive equity positions, creating the most accurate and timely upgrade offers through integration with your DMS and real-time monitoring of Black Book®, Edmunds® and other sources....

  • Target customers in positive equity positions with AutoLoop Quote before they ever start shopping. Quote integrates with your DMS and monitors Black Book®, Edmunds® and other leading industry sources in real time, so you create the most accurate, timely upgrade offers.

    When a prime prospect enters the service lane, your sales team is already automatically notified and a quote is generated so they can make on-the-spot offers matched to your actual inventory. Customizing the deal is easy: Quote’s expanded capabilities also easily accommodate a customer’s changing interests. For expanded reach, Quote can even batch personalized quotes into an email or mail campaign. To ensure consistent follow-up, Quote increases accountability with a built-in workflow that automatically generates "next steps" based on each customer interaction.

    Fully integrated with the AutoLoop Customer Engagement Suite, Quote helps increase sales and build loyalty by converting your customers into repeat buyers.

  • Superservice
    Superservice helps maximize revenue and increase CSI with quick, consistent inspections. Driven by VIN-specific data, Superservice pinpoints every repair possibility and generates accurate quotes with instant pricing....

  • Superservice maximizes ROs with VIN-specific inspections for every single vehicle. Any recommended work—including actual costs, automatically updated based on the Service Pricing Guide—can easily be shared with customers for quicker approval and faster turnaround time.

    By keeping customers informed and engaged in the repair process, Superservice builds trust and loyalty while increasing the likelihood that recommended work will be approved. Should any repairs be denied, they are shared with AutoLoop Book and SmartLane, and tracked as future revenue opportunities.

    Fully integrated with the AutoLoop Customer Engagement Suite, Superservice is an intuitive, user-friendly system that increases hours per RO, pinpointing every repair need and upsell opportunity.

  • AutoLoop Contact
    Contact is an interactive customer communication portal built on two-way SMS text messaging. It streamlines your entire service process and keeps you in close communication with your customers, no matter where they are....

  • Optimize customer service communications with AutoLoop Contact, our interactive customer communication portal. Through SMS text messaging, it’s easy to harness the technology most customers prefer, and the one they respond to quickest.

    Here’s how it works: loyal customers easily optin to Contact to receive service updates or parts photos, request appointments, or start a live chat. For consistency, all communications are tied to the customer and visible to anyone using the system. Conversations are also routed automatically, ensuring the most appropriate service contact always gets the right message.

    Contact helps your Service Department connect with customers. As part of the AutoLoop Customer Engagement Suite, it enables you to send more informed, timely service communications and start conversations that maintain engagement and build loyalty.

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