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We make a good video marketing strategy better!

Flick Fusion is the preferred video marketing platform of more than 6000 auto dealerships nationwide, offering intelligent video marketing, video communication, and 360 Spin solutions (SMARTFLICKS), including but not limited to: automated and full-motion vehicle inventory videos, video texting and emails, automated 360 Spin presentations, new model test drive videos, dealership branded videos and more.  Flick Fusion's innovative SMARTFLICKS hosting, enhancement, distribution, marketing, and re-marketing platform delivers automated, integrated, rule and behavior-based content in real-time across multiple channels throughout the entire purchase cycle. Increasing the relevance of your videos and 360 Spins across all touch-points and adding value to all of your online marketing initiatives. With CRM integration, auto dealers can capture video viewer data from any touch-point, match that data to customer records in the CRM, and receive real-time alerts via their CRM anytime a customer (or lead) watches a video, on any touch-point, throughout the entire buying cycle.

It is Flick Fusion's mission is to give every consumer a better online car shopping experience by offering intelligent video services to automotive dealerships, directly or through our network of Value Added Re-sellers and marketing partners.


Why FlickFusion


  • AutoSpin360
    AutoSpin360 utilizes our proprietary Artificial Intelligence and Image Recognition technology to automatically create a 360 degree vehicle presentation with automated feature highlights utilizing your existing inventory photos or video....

  • Interactive 360 vehicle presentations are a great way for you to increase overall engagement and conversion from your vehicle detail pages. FlickFusion’s AutoSpin360 not only makes it easy for your dealership to add an interactive 360 vehicle presentation, we can simultaneously provide you with greater insight into each shopper’s overall shopping behaviors . We can  then pass that information back to your CRM for real-time account updates and activity notifications.  And the BEST part about AutoSpin360 is…it is COMPLETELY AUTOMATED. You don’t have to use any special equipment, download any special apps, or change your process in any way.  Our proprietary Artifical Inteligence and Image Recognition technology can utilize your existing invnetory merchandising assets to automatically create the 360 Spins while simultaneously adding data driven informational highlights to each image as well.  

    Stop by booth 6400N and let FlickFusion show you how easy it can be for you to have powerful 360 degree vehicle presentations on your website.

  • Inventory Videos
    Increase the Informational & Emotional Value of your VDP Pages with Automated or Full Motion Inventory Videos. Featuring audio scripts "that sell" in English, Spanish, and even Canadian French....

  • Inventory Videos work and the data proves that Automotive Shoppers LOVE them!

    Emotions sell Inventory Videos are proven to transfer more information and inspire more emotion from your VDP Pages than pictures and words alone. FlickFusion's SMARTFLICKS Video Marketing Platform makes it easy for you to add Automated or Full Motion Inventory Videos on your website and across all of your online marketing partners...and they are integrated into our 360 Spin and Video Communication Platforms as well!  So you get MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK than with any other video platform.    

    Automated Inventory Videos:  Averaging greater than a 70% Completion Rate, adding Automated Inventory Videos is a FAST and INEXPENSIVE way to increase the engagement and conversion for any Website, on any Vehicle Details Page, and throughout any Digital Marketing Campaign. Automated Inventory Videos are also a great addition to your Lead Follow Up Video Email and Text strategies, and when you include some of the unique features that Flick Fusion’s Automated Inventory Video platform offers, you will quickly see why Flick Fusion is the Video Marketing Platform chosen by so many of the Automotive Industries top dealerships and digital marketing companies.

    Full Motion Walkaround Videos:  Full Motion Walkaround Videos are in more demand than ever, and Flick Fusion makes it easy for you to create, enhance, and distribute Full Motion Inventory and Personalized Walkaround Videos that will transfer more information, and inspire more emotion, than any other video platform available. Are you ready to take your online merchandising and digital marketing strategies to the next level? Contact Flick Fusion and learn how our AWARD WINNING Full Motion Walkaround Video Platform can make it fast, easy, and profitable for you to add high quality Full Motion Walkaround Videos that will drive more sales and higher profits than any other media layer available.

    Once you are shooting Full Motion Walkarounds, you can automatically add an Interactive 360 Spin with NO ADDITIONAL WORK. Check out our AutoSpin 360 Product to learn more. Then contact us today, we look forward to serving you.

  • VidMail Video Email & Texting
    The most powerful Video Email & Texting platform in the automotive industry with SMARTFLICKS and CRM integrations that will provide a better overall experience to your customers and leads than any other video communication platform can provide....

  • VidMail is the most powerful Video Email & Texting platform in the Automotive Industry.  Hosted on the SMARTFLICKS Video Marketing Platform, VidMail is the only video email and texting platform that automatically integrates Model Review Videos, Inventory Videos, and 360 Spin Presentations to allow you to receive Real-Time Notifications in your CRM when one of your cutsomers or leads is LIVE on Any Touch-Point (like AutoTrader, Cars.com, KBB, or your website) and watching one of your other videos.  

    Imagine being able to know when the person that you've sent a video message to is live on Auto Trader and looking at your inventory.  With VidMail...you can.  VidMail can create an Alert in your CRM and update your Opportunity Work Notes instantly, the second that the person you have sent your video email (or text) to in the past lands on ANY touch-point and watches ANY of your other videos (like your inventory videos). Now you can have greater insight into your shoppers Path to Purchase and know exactly what touch-poits they are on (while they are still sitting in front of the their phone or computer).  

    VidMail is fast, easy to use, and has real-time integrations with most of the Automtoive Industries leading CRM & DMS providers.  If you are considering adding Video Communication to your Lead Follow Up (or Service MPI Process), be certain to stop by booth 6400N and let FlickFusion show you the advantages that VidMail will give you over all of the other video communication platforms. 

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