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Rapid Recon is the #1 Time-To-Line recon software

The industry’s longest standing reconditioning software platform. Utilizing top tier engineers, developers, and partners to bring you the cutting edge of reconditioning technology.

Easily provides transparency, communication, and accountability, by eliminating finger pointing, and creating a cooperative environment between departments.

Eliminates waste, and speeds your time to line (T2L) by keeping you and your staff educated on the who, when, where.

Allows for forecasted vehicle completion times so your sales and BDC staff can schedule the right customer at the right time. No more missed turns due to slow recon times and missed deadlines.

 Show Specials

  • 60-Day risk free trial

    Includes new features “Vehicle Locate Integration”, “Approval Application Update”, and “Vendor Advantage”.


    60-day risk free trial of one of our additional products.

    • Deal Tracker (Vehicle Prep, F&I, Deals)
    • New Car Prep (PDI)
    • Customer Pay Service and/or Body Shop

 Press Releases

  • Advanced Bluetooth Locator Technology for Outdoor, Indoor and Multi-Level Facilities for Auto Dealers

    PALO ALTO, CA – February 6, 2020 – Rapid Recon, the creator of time-to-line (T2L) reconditioning solutions for used car departments, will announce at NADA’20 Live Locate, an advanced Bluetooth technology for locating vehicles and their keys wherever parked, offering a much needed and more reliable alternative to expensive ODB2 GPS devices.

    “Where are my cars and where are their keys!” is a constant question and annoyance on the minds of new and used car sales, service and vendors.

    When vehicles and keys can’t be located promptly, sales opportunities are missed, service-related customer goodwill erodes, and reconditioning speed slows. These delays reduce inventory turn and drive-up holding costs, eroding margins and customer satisfaction.

    Live Locate solves these costly problems by giving auto dealers using Rapid Recon T2L dealership software still more control over their inventory, whether parked outside, inside or in multi-story facilities and showrooms.

    “We have a new track and locate solution within Rapid Recon, already installed in dozens of dealerships, including Longo Toyota and Penske BMW,” said Dennis McGinn, Rapid Recon founder and chief executive officer.

    Unlike GPS-based solutions, which are notorious for their ineffectiveness tracking in indoor and multi-level structures, Rapid Recon Live Locate is accurate and excels in indoor environments. Live Locate is less expensive than OBD2 devices, and unlike them, Live Locate remains in place and active when technicians use service diagnostic scanners. Live Locate is also offered with a solar packaged option for remote lots.

    For used car departments, sales staff can now locate cars and keys without having to chase down their used car manager, so the vehicle walkaround and test drive can go forward promptly. For fixed operations managers, Live Locate expedites the location of vehicles and keys for service advisors, technicians or vendors.

    With Live Locate running within Rapid Recon T2L software, the staff is alerted when excessive dwell or idle time indicates a vehicle many have been forgotten or is missing.

    Live Locate sends dealership managers exception reports each morning or on-demand, saving dealership staff time and money to keep track of cars and keys, reducing or eliminating the need for a lot-walk. Live Locate is easy to maintain and works within existing dealership infrastructures.

    Learn more about Rapid Recon Live Locate at NADA ’20, Booth 2693C, Central Hall. www.rapidrecon.com.


    Jim Leman, Jim@lemanpublicrelations.com


  • New Integrated Vendor and Sublet Functionality adds Mutually Advantageous Dealer-Vendor Recon Workflow Accountability with new Cost Controls

    PALO ALTO, CA, February 10, 2020 – Rapid Recon, the creator of time-to-line (T2L) reconditioning solutions for used car departments, will unveil Vendor Advantage at NADA’20 in Las Vegas this month.  This new offering gives dealers exceptional oversight of their sublets and vendors to expedite the return of vehicles to reconditioning and for improved cost control.

    “For years, we’ve worked with dealers to integrate their sublet partners and vendors directly into Rapid Recon workflow software. Those who have selectively accommodated their vendors have reaped the benefits to their overall T2L,” said Dennis McGinn, Rapid Recon founder and chief executive officer.

    With Vendor Advantage, Rapid Recon takes vendor management to the next level, giving fixed and recon operations managers control and simplicity to:

    • Add vendor users with restricted access to Rapid Recon on desktop and mobile Vendors manage, track and report work in progress through completion like the process used by internal reconditioning
    • Explicitly assign and notify vendors when work is available, even outside of steps Eliminate the back-and-forth frustration of missed phone calls and miscommunications
    • Receive notifications on pending approvalsVendors know immediately when repair needs are approved, preventing false starts, delays, and frustration
    • Receive updates when work is completedEnables transfer of vehicles back into the internal recon flow without delays that otherwise erode time to line efficiency
    • Request and manage work estimatesEliminate paperwork, estimate-tracking complications, and expedites vendor payments
    • Message directly with vendors in real-time.

    Visit Rapid Recon at NADA ’20, Booth 2693C, Central Hall. www.rapidrecon.com


    Jim Leman




  • Rapid Recon
    Cloud based communication and workflow tracking platform used to manage the reconditioning process of pre-owned vehicles....

  • Rapid Recon Product Details

    • 2000+ dealerships, 20,000 + users
    • Recon time reduction by up to 75%
    • Robust data-driven metrics
      • Identify inefficiencies
      • Identify bottlenecks
      • Always know where cars are
    • Enterprise level reporting for dealer groups
      • Share successes and opportunities by viewing an apples-toapples global view of all of your stores.
    • Instant text (SMS), Email, and push notification
      • Eliminate “I didn’t know” excuses
    • Customized Workflow
      • Stage Tracking
      • Accountability
      • Transparency
    • Electronic estimates
      • Parts prices
      • Service labor times and totals
      • Detail estimates
      • Vendor estimates (see vendor advantage)
      • Vehicle condition photos
    • The industry's most robust Vendor Management tool, Vendor Advantage.
      • Message directly with vendors in real time
      • Request and manage work estimates
      • Receive updates when work is completed
      • Receive notifications on pending approvals
      • Explicitly assign and notify vendors when work is available, even outside of steps.
      • Add vendor users with restricted access to Rapid Recon on desktop and mobile
      • Instant vendor notification
      • Vendor time tracking and metrics
    • Live Locate - an exciting new partnership with Mobile Dealer Data
      • Track cars and/or keys with reusable wafer sized active beacons in real time
      • Patented technology can track indoors and outdoors including remote lots and garages 
      • Elevation tracking
      • Wafers are easy to use and maintain
      • Get notifications based on geofence movement and dwell time 
      • View location of cars and keys directly from Rapid Recon
    • Automated Recall Management
      • Vin run 4x per day
      • Daily notification
      • Recall reporting
      • Manufacturer vehicle safety recall information

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