Automotive Sales Coach

Indianapolis,  IN 
United States
  • Booth: 1522C

Maximizing Your Results Through Team Development.

Thoughtful, Consistent, Proactive Leadership is the Key to Maximizing Your Results.

ASC provides consulting and training that makes it simple for you to improve your results by improving your people and processes. Our Excellence Roadmap Turnkey Training System is a simple, effective, and affordable training solution your team will actually use. We build your team's Attitude, Knowlege, Skills & give your managers tools to manage, coach, and lead for better actions on the sales floor.

These components drive the results you see on your your top line, CSI scores, and your bottom line. 


  • Coach the Coach Bundle
    A clear-cut manager training series that gives your team a simple, actionable, and consistent playbook to manage, coach, and lead with excellence....

  • Your gameplan to develop managers who deliver results.


    You’ll get 24/7 access to the 28-video series “Seven Keys of Successful Desk Management” includes:

    • The Job of Today’s Desk Manager - 7 Lessons
    • Managing Your People and Processes - 10 Lessons
    • Managing Your Customers and Deals - 11 Lessons

    Proven Results Playbook

    • Your in-depth guide book accompanies all 28 videos for deeper context, understanding and action steps.

    Coach’s Strategy Session

    • We’ll provide you with the assistance to help your team win big. Get on a call with one of our professionals to review the Xs and Os so you can implement these proven strategies in your operation.

    Exclusive Live Sales Training Webinar

    • You know the blitz is coming everytime one of your people takes an up on the lot or the phone. Any number of mistakes can lead to a loss of yards (cost you gross) or even put you out of the game (lose the deal). One objection your people hear every day, they are completely unprepared to counter, and we can help. In this buyer’s only sales training webinar, we’ll train your team on an exclusive play we’ve developed over years that’s virtually guaranteed to give your team a first down to continue the drive through your sales process. 
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