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Our extensive line of automotive additives, lubricants, cleaners, reconditioning products has been “The Professional’s Choice” since 1954. When combined with our custom marketing, advanced training, and digital maintenance solutions, MOC® Products can enhance profitability and customer retention in your service drive.

Our Smart Tech™ Fluid Exchange Equipment is unsurpassed when it comes to the science of fluid service technology. With over 32 easy-to-use models, our fluid exchange equipment can perform any necessary maintenance service your customer’s vehicle may require.

In addition to our two corporate offices in California, MOC® Products has a large network of Partners and Distributors around the globe, providing vehicle-maintenance solutions to our valued clients in the automotive industry.


    The MP Premium Fuel Service kit can rapidly remove power and performance-reducing carbon deposits in GDI & high-output engines....

  • When combined with the vehicle monitoring capability of the MOC® EDR-3 Fuel Service Machine, the groundbreaking detersive technology of the MP Premium Fuel Service Kit can dissolve stubborn carbon, restore performance, and enhance efficiency.

    Signs your vehicle is due for service:

    • Poor fuel economy

    • Loss of power and performance

    • Increased oil consumption

    Advantages of a MP fuel system service:

    • Restores Power & Performance

    • Reduces harmful emissions

    • Improves fuel efficiency

    GDI Intake Valve Cleaner...

  • Power and performance-altering fuel deposits can form in any engine, but especially GDI (Gasoline Direct Injection) systems.  These severe and hard-to-remove deposits can quickly contribute to reduced fuel economy, loss of power and poor performance.

    DISSOLVE® - GDI Intake Valve Cleaner, is specially formulated to quickly dissolve severe carbon and oil deposits on valves and ports.

    Fuel System Cleaner...

  • Today's gasoline direct injection (GDI) and high-output engines are extremely sensitive to rapid build-up of oil and fuel deposits on fuel injectors, intake valves, and combustion chambers. These deposits can form in as few as 10,000 miles, resulting in a loss of power, performance, and fuel efficiency.

    ENHANCE® - Fuel System Cleaner, with its advanced detergent technology, can rapidly clean up harsh fuel deposits in just one tankful. It’s fast-acting cleaning agents remove unwanted deposits and restore proper flow in the fuel system.

    Combustion Chamber Cleaner...

  • Intake-valve deposits are not the only cause of GDI engine performance problems. Since fuel injectors in a GDI engine are located in the combustion chamber, carbon and fuel deposits can rapidly build up on direct injector tips, pistons, and other chamber surfaces. These severe and hard-to-remove deposits can quickly contribute to reduced fuel economy, loss of power and poor performance.

    RESTORE® - Combustion Chamber Cleaner, was specifically developed to quickly soften and remove heavy deposits on injector tips, pistons, and other chamber surfaces.

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