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Convert More Calls into Car Buyers

CallRevu is an automotive-only call tracking and monitoring solution for car dealers. We are the pioneers in call monitoring in automotive and proudly serve over 2,000 dealerships in the United States. Our robust product suite offers call tracking, listening, transcriptions, missed opportunity alerts, offerings of actionable data, phone skills training, CRM integrations, outbound click-to-call, digital ad tool in DNI, and 24/7 connectivity monitoring with our industry-first Phone Health Alerts. We'll help you connect with more customers and set more appoiments.

 Show Specials

  • If you sign up during the NADA show, February 14th-17th, you will receive 60 days free of CallRevu services. Test-drive our call tracking and monitoring solutions for a full 60 days before you make a buying decision! Already have a provider? No problem! We can do a side by side with your current provider during the 60 days.

 Press Releases

  • CallRevu, the leader in automotive conversation intelligence featuring call data, tracking, and monitoring for dealers, and Marcom Technologies, the leader in phone performance and accountability, have joined forces to provide a complete phone performance solution.

    Chuck McGraw, Marcom Chief Executive Officer, and David O’Brien, Marcom President, recognize that the best dealership results come from combining top companies. They believe that utilizing CallRevu’s monitoring to connect more calls to the right people, along with Marcom’s training and accountability capabilities, would enable dealers to elevate their phone skills performance.

    The initial recognition from McGraw and O’Brien was amplified when a common customer encouraged the two organizations to work together as partners with an integrated approach versus being two vendors servicing,the same dealership group. CallRevu and Marcom learned that their visions were the same, customers are the core of the companies’ cultures and thus made it very easy for alignment when partnering.

    This new partnership enables dealerships to sell more; from prospects in the showroom to repair orders in the service drive. CallRevu monitors all calls and passes the data to Marcom for the analyzing and scoring of the calls, allowing their automotive-experienced coaches to help dealerships improve in every department. “Partnership is one of CallRevu’s core values. Our clients and their needs drive which partnerships will deliver value, and Marcom was a natural choice,” said Anthony Giagnacovo, Chief Executive Officer of CallRevu. “The phone is a tool, and the key to improving outcomes is to measure, monitor, and transform behavior so that personnel is accountable and always learning. Marcom’s capabilities are unique, powerful, and only get better when combined with the power of CallRevu’s solution to make things concrete and actionable,” commented Giagnacovo.

    Dealers are impressed by the daily focus on improvement and direct connection that the new partnership provides. Clients receive detailed morning reports sent to the management team, coaching notes sent to the sales and service staff, focused high opportunity alerts, phone line health alerts, and onsite training, all of which has determined measurable improvement in each of the initial dealerships on the shared program.

    Tom Harsha, CallRevu’s Chief Product Officer, went on to talk highly about Marcom’s engagement model, “Marcom is one of the most comprehensive phone skills improvement solutions available in the automotive industry today, and we are proud to have them in the CallRevu ecosystem. After reviewing the initial performance improvements from our common customers, it became clear that we needed to solidify a partnership and create a seamless integration. The integration allows dealers to track and monitor all calls while easily managing phone skills performance and improvements from one platform, resulting in more connected calls, appointments, and revenue from sales and fixed operations.”

    CallRevu and Marcom will both be in attendance at NADA in Las Vegas from February 15th-17th. Marcom
    will be featured at CallRevu’s booth, #4837C, and CallRevu will have special offers at the show. Both companies invite all to stop by the booth at any time.

    About CallRevu

    CallRevu, founded in 2008, helps thousands of automotive dealers in the U.S. cultivate the customers that make
    it into the showroom after having a great experience on the phone. CallRevu has monitored over 110 million
    calls and by providing local and toll-free numbers to place on all ads, we track, listen, summarize, alert, and
    report on dealership’s phone calls to monitor call performance. With the robust data we collect, we coach on
    how to enhance the caller’s experience and improve the bottom line of dealerships.

    About Marcom

    Marcom founded originally in 1986 and then again in 2014 is a 33-year-old company that focuses on changing
    the behavior of sales and service teams. Marcom's training approach is an adult learning model that focuses
    each training event to the best way people learn. Calls are scored from baseline to each and everyday and month
    to track the performance increases. Daily coaching notes are sent to front line dealership employees and regular
    in-house training is provided by Marcom’s retail experienced team around the country. The “Club” is provided
    for all to listen to their own calls as well as a library of best practices for people to hear real life successes.

  • CallRevu, automotive’s conversation intelligence expert in call data, tracking, and monitoring solutions, and DriveCentric, a leader in customer relationship management software for automotive dealers, are excited to announce a partnership, integrating CallRevu’s solutions with DriveCentric’s customer relationship management (CRM) platform to provide greater value to the market and combined customers.

    The new CallRevu and DriveCentric integrated solution will offer automotive dealers a more efficient and effective way to connect with potential customers, log sales calls in a centralized location, and maximize each phone opportunity.

    Users of DriveCentric CRM platform will now be able to optimize inbound and outbound calling, including automated integration of all inbound sales calls, performance monitoring of all outbound calls, and a new click-to-call feature that can be used directly through DriveCentric CRM. Additionally, the calls will be automatically recorded and pushed back into the DriveCentric CRM for user-level access and manager review.

    “We are thrilled to announce this new partnership with DriveCentric, increasing capabilities and the flow of information between systems for a seamless experience. Now, managers will be able to easily access detailed call analytics to improve team productivity and increase appointment results,” says Anthony Giagnacovo, CallRevu Chief Executive Officer.

    The CallRevu-powered outbound click-to-call feature in DriveCentric CRM has all-new machine monitoring technology that greatly enriches call analytics. An intuitive, easy-to-read dashboard improves customer follow-up, productivity, and transparency. This partnership allows dealers to take full advantage of the most powerful features of both systems in one seamless, integrated platform.

    “We are excited to partner with CallRevu -- our mission has always been to provide the best CRM experience for our users, and the CallRevu integration enables us to expand that experience. We look forward to the future of a long and productive relationship as both companies work together to scale-up organically,” says David Fultz, Chief Executive Officer of DriveCentric.

    About CallRevu

    CallRevu, founded in 2008, helps thousands of automotive dealers in the U.S. cultivate the customers that make it into the showroom after having a great experience on the phone. CallRevu has monitored over 110 million calls and by providing local and toll-free numbers to place on all ads, we track, listen, summarize, alert, and report on dealerships’ phone calls to monitor call performance. With the robust data we collect, we coach on how to enhance the caller’s experience and improve the bottom line of dealerships.

    About DriveCentric

    DriveCentric, founded in 2010, with the goal of using rapidly evolving technology to deliver a cutting-edge suite of products that are simple enough to be used by anyone. The CRM platform integrates all the communication and simplifies the sales process for the dealership. Using Artificial Intelligence to power the platform, users can communicate with prospective customers in the most effective way, allowing dealerships to convert leads into experiences, and experiences into lifelong customers.


  • Call Monitoring
    Your customer phone calls are everything...and we make calls better. With CallRevu, you will increase the number of calls connecting to your store, do better once they do connect, set more appointments, and sell more cars....

  • Call Monitoring

    CallRevu is the industry leader in call tracking and monitoring for car dealerships. What sets us apart from the competition? Plenty:

    1. Call Connectivity: Dive into your connect and unconnected calls and get a dedicated resolution success team

    2. Phone Skills Performance: Real-time phone skills performance dashboard with score card phone handlers

    3. Post-Sale Satisfaction: Alerts sent for any customer satisfaction issues that may arise after the sale

    4. Data-Led Call Summaries: Call summaries are delivered with 28 additional customer and vehicle data points integrated into CRM

    5. Staffing Optimization: Know when your phones are ringing, so you can staff the right people at the right time

    6. CallVision DNI: Dynamic Number platform with full digital and social marketing performance tracking

    7. Outbound Click-to-Call: CRM outbound click-to-call performance with the best day and time to call analytics by the user

    8. 24/7 Monitoring: 24/7 automated call volume monitoring with connection and volume decrease alerts

    Deal-Saving Instant Alerts

    CallRevu's deal-saving instant alerts are the perfect way to improve the customer's journey and correct a missed opportunity, before it's too late. Alerts are sent to you via text and/or email with a summary of the call, up to 30 data points, and a click-to-call the customer back on an average of 30-minutes from call-end.

    CRM Integration

    We partner with the top CRMs in the industry. With the seamless, certified integration between CallRevu and  your CRM, you can monitor your team's call handling without ever leaving your CRM portal.

    Phone Health Alerts

    Phone Health Alerts are sent to your phone and/or email when something negative happens on your phone lines. After the alert is sent, our team is there to help you dissect the issue and fix the problem so your customers can continue to do business with you.

    Types of Phone Health Alerts:

    1. Call Volume Drop: Identify significant drop in call volume on phone line.

    2. Abandoned Call Increase: Identify significant increaes in calls that don't connect.

    3. Personnel Appt Set Decrease: Identify significant drops in appointments set by dealershp personnel.

    4. Dealership Appt Set Decrease: Identify significant drops in appointments set by the whole department.

    5. Alert Closure Decrease: Identifies significant drop in opportunity alert closure.

    CallVision DNI

    CallRevu's DNI (Dynamic Number Insertion) can tell you if your Digital Marketing is actually effective or not. Most dealers are wasting 80% of their ad spend and we're here to help.


    1. Keywords: Understand on a keyword level which pay-per-click ads are most effective

    2. Integration: Seamless Integration with Google Analytics

    3. Reporting: Centralized reporting from multiple website and web service providers

    4. Tracking: Detailed trakcing back to individual social media campaigns

    5. Certified: Certified with major automotive website providers

    6. Incentives: Measure incentives and promotions based on consumer activity

    Phone Skills Training:

    Live Webinars: These webinars are for every department (Sales, Service, Parts, Reception) and are available weekly

    CallRevu University: Self-paced videos average 3-minutes each and include:

    • Specialized Training by Departments like: Sales, Service, Parts and Reception
    • Courses driven by data and industry trends derived from listening to over 100 million calls
    • Online university assessments to test your understanding by utilizing real call examples

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