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The REAL Deal.

Digital Finance For Digital Retailing, Online and In-Store

eLEND Solutions™ (DealerCentric rebranded) is an automotive FinTech company focused on providing a simplified vehicle purchase process for the retail automotive industry.

Our platform specializes in online and in-store digital credit, identity and finance solutions designed to deliver qualified, penny-perfect, first pencil finance terms at the front of the sales process.  By changing when and how the shopper is introduced to realistic payment information and dealership financing options, the combination of technology and data enable the dealer and the customer to come together much faster. 

By design, our industry agnostic platform includes workflows and bi-lateral integrations that positively impact every aspect of the customer buying experience, without competing with your existing platform providers.  The result is a more efficient, faster moving deal-flow that sells more cars at higher profits in less time – benefitting dealers, lenders and consumers.

We work with 1,800+ rooftops & all OEM brands.  Integrated with DT, RO & all CRM, Inventory and Website platforms.


  • Credit Solutions | CreditPlus
    Fully connected online and in-store digital credit platform with the highest lead conversion ratios and the most ‘certified' secure platform in the retail automotive industry - all backed by a dedicated customer support team and performance guarantee....

  • The fastest way to increase visitor to sales ratios.

    Advantages | CreditPlus [Online]

    Increase Conversions: >60% 'Form Complete’ ratios [5x more conversions compared to long-form credit applications]

    More Live Credit Score Leads: Generates an average of 36 motivated, down funnel, prequalified leads to your dealership every month

    Sell More Cars:  So much more than just lead  generation, >35% of your live scredit score leads will close at your store within 4 weeks.   

    Fully Connected: Online to in-store credit workflow includes direct integrations with all major CRM's, Inventory platforms, DealerTrack and RouteOne

    Advantages | CreditPlus [In-Store]

    Faster, pre qualified ups: Fully digital, self-service enabled credit process with anytime, anywhere access via any mobile device or PC can save up to 15 minutes per deal

    Improved accuracy and productivity: Paperless credit process means no more double data entry and potential re-keying errors.

    No online to in-store information gaps:  Easy re-access for consumers that have applied online and need to add references, bank info etc.

    Connected Work Flows: Integrates your customers information directly into your CRM.  Yes/No option to push into DealerTrack and RouteOne platforms for decisoning. 

    Other Things to Know

    Reporting Partners: Partnered with Equifax, Experian, TransUnion and most credit resellers including 700Credit, CBC and Corelogic Credco.   Able to integrate with all other resellers.   

    You Have Options: Pull 1, 2 or 3 bureaus in seconds.  Choice of hard and soft pull options. Soft pull with or without SS#.  

    Unique Soft-Pull Benefits: Full credit report file (Not selective attributes) and live FICO score (Not a score range) included with all pre-qualifications.

    Fully Configurable: Plugs into any website platform or used as a standalone microsite. Dealer controlled credit filters. Optional/required input fields.  Yes/No configuration options.  Includes integrations with all Inventory platforms.  

    Made to Order:  Flexible branding options. Custom built banners and buttons.   Embed in any outbound customer acquisition campaigns (i.e. email, social media, etc).  Tailor-made URL's can be personalized by sales person, vehicle of choice,   inlcude unique campaign tracking codes, etc.  

    Live Customer Support: Persoanlized onboarding and set-up. Ongoing training, optimizations and best practice sharing post sale.

    Information Security:  Fully secure app with SSL Certificate. Transmission Encryption. Multi-factor Authentication.  All information is stored for 7 years on our ‘certified’ secure servers

    Compliance Suite:  Includes OFAC, Privacy Policy, No-cost Adverse Action, Credit Score Discloure & Risk Based Pricing Notices.  Audit trails.

  • Finance Solutions | DealMaker
    Digital Finance platform powered by the most accurate and robust finance decision engine in the retail automotive industry, returning a more profitable, penny-perfect, fundable contract at the sales desk - in seconds.

  • The REAL Deal.  Get to a more profitable, penny perfect, lender fundable contract online or at the sales desk in seconds. 

    DealMaker Benefits

    Process streamlining:  API interfaces and bilateral API's enables a single dashboard view of all the deal inputs, eliminating switching between multiple systems and screens.

    Structures more profitable deals…faster: Digital finance technology replaces basic online payment calculator tools and the educated guesswork used by most desk managers.

    Improves first pencil closing ratios: Quoting credit and vehicle qualified rate, term and payment options - matched to the dealers lender programs - enables a frictionless negotiation and fewer rehashes/defections  

    Connected workflow:  Online to in-store work flows including direct integrations with finance platforms enabling the lender fundable deal structure to be pushed into DealerTrack and RouteOne platforms. 

    Finance penetration increases when finance gets involved upfront - digitally or otherwise - in the deal.

    Increased product penetration and PVR:  Improving the speed and quality of the customers transition from Sales to F&I ultimately enhances profitability and CSI.
    Reduces the time spent in F&I: Presenting qualified deal structures - matched to the best lender fundable program during negotiation means fewer deal unwinds and rewrites, more time to sell and handle more deliveries   
    Faster Funding/Improved Cash Flow:  Logic, rules-based decision engine reduces lender declines and counter offers, positively impacting contracts in transit and cash flow.

    DealMaker Features

    The Real Deal: A vehicle and credit qualified, penny perfect, deal structure matched to a waterfall of lender programs (including pricing, underwriting and loan advance guidelines) + all applicable taxes (state, county, local) + dealer specific fee structure + and all levels of dealer participation.

    Quickly and accurately structure all deal types: Supports loans, leases and balloon notes, full credit spectrum loan programs, etc. Engine supports an infinite number of lenders, credit tiers, lender pricing, underwriting & advance guidelines.

    Vehicle qualified: Qualifies the vehicle (all makes/all models, new/used) down to the Model ID/Trim level at each rate and term matched to lender underwriting and advance guidelines.

    Consumer qualified:  Qualifies based on the full credit profile (not selective attributes), including all ability (income) and stability (employment/residence) factors. 

    Incentives: Includes all Dealer, OEM and Consumer incentives and rebates down to the rooftop and VIN - including their compatibility and “stackability” rules. 

    Multi-Scenario Deal Calculator: Compare multiple retail and lease deal structure scenarios side-by-side to find the options that provide every customer with real choices and maximize PVR for your dealership.

    Adaptive: Rollback functionality allows dealers to work the 4-square simultaneously across all (5) deal attributes, not one attribute at a time.  Logic keeps the ‘updated’ deal within the lenders’ underwriting and advance guidelines. 

  • Identity Solutions | ID Drive
    With a single driver license scan, the most advanced Identity solution in our industry authenticates the ID document, matches or appends validated name, DOB and address information, and converts the DL scan into a consumer consented pre-qualification....

  • Sell more cars in less time. Conveniently authenticate and pre-qualify your walk-ins in less than 60 seconds - at any point in your sales process.  Performance guaranteed.

    ID Drive Advantages

    No More Missed Opportunities: Ensures you capture and work so many more, often missed, in-store leads

    Accelerated Sales Workflow: Technology automates several manual/paper based steps in the process, reducing average transaction times by 45-60 minutes. 

    Sell More Cars:  Pre-test drive, pre-qualified customers are ready to buy and, typically, have well-above average credit scores - resulting in >40% closing ratios

    Make More Money:   Knowing the customers buying power upfront and putting the customer in the right deal structure and finance product, increases average PVR by $300  

    Improved Customer Experience:  The more modern, efficient, faster moving sales process improves CSI by an average of 4pts

    Protects Your Business: Authentication technology and purfied information eliminates identity and financial fraud risks 

    Performance Guarantee: If an authenticated license turns out to be fraudulent and results in a stolen vehicle, eLEND will reimburse you for the full cost of the stolen vehicle.

    ID Drive Features

    Unlimited Driver License Scans: Monthly program includes unlimited DL scans and no hidden fees.  

    Authentication: Real-time authentication of all DL documents or any other government issued ID from the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.  Includes performance reimbursement guarantee 

    Instant Data Capture and CRM Export:  Integrates your customers purified information directly into all major CRM's.   Option to append lead record with vehicle of choice and assigned sales person.

    Alerts & Notifications: Alerts to management for failed or caution license scans.  Notifications to any designated users about new ID scans

    Cross Check: Optional lead enhancement feature verifies extracted DL information including name and DOB. Matches or adds validated address to the lead file. Appends validated mobile phone number to the lead file

    Pre-qualification:  Optional pre-qualification feature converts a DL scan into a consumer consented pre-qualification.  Includes full report & live FICO score.  

    Integrations and Workflow:  Pushes the customers credit app info, full credit report and FICO score directly into DealerTrack or RouteOne.

    Dashboard & Reporting: Dashboard manages the test-drive workflow.  Includes activity reporting by sales person.

    Consumer Privacy Law Compliant: Privacy minded to protect data & PII, GDPR Certified. Multiple scanned ID print options.

    Information Security:  DL data and images are stored on our ‘certified’ secure servers for 7 years.

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