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From the first air-powered grease gun to our industry-leading Fire-Ball pump, Graco’s Lubrication Equipment Division is what started it all. We manufacture equipment to monitor, control, manage and dispense fluids, offering innovative equipment for all your vehicle services, industrial and automatic lubrication needs. We offer a full range of high-quality pumps, meters, valves, hose reels and accessories to increase production and reduce waste and downtime.

Graco offers a full line of quality equipment to meet the varying needs of vehicle maintenance and repair. Streamline your workflow and move more lubricants through your shop. We offer reliable, high-quality equipment you can depend on for fuel, diesel, antifreeze, oil and grease. Our versatile fluid inventory control and fluid management systems are designed to accurately track the use of oil, grease and other automotive fluids at vehicle maintenance facilities, and our lubrication equipment ensures you deliver fluids to the right spot in your shop. From light-duty applications to high-performance concepts designed for heavy-duty jobs, our equipment is known for its rugged, durable and long-life design.


  • Fire-Ball® 300 Series 5:1 Universal Size Oil Pump
    Install the Fire-Ball 300 5:1 in high pressure, medium volume oil transfer applications such as automotive dealerships, fast lube centers, and service shops....

    • A three-inch differential air motor ensures smooth pumping and the smooth double-acting pump design provides reliable fluid flow and accurate dispense.
    • Thick cast aluminum air motor housing offers unmatched durability.
    • Fewer Repairs - Fewer moving parts in the air motor assembly means less downtime and low repair cost.
    • Extended Seal Life - In-line pump design aligns the air motor piston and fluid piston rods to maximize seal life.
    • Reduce Downtime - Displacement rods have minimal wear due to a proprietary Graco manufacturing process.
    • Superior Sealing - Non-metallic poppet valves offer positive sealing performance, even with contaminated "dirty" air environments for long life without repair.
    • Corrosion-Resistant - Corrosion-resistant design utilizes liquid salt nitriding, nickel plating, stainless steel, aluminum and chrome on key components for longer life.
  • LD Series 3:1 Universal Oil Pump w/ Bung Adapter
    The LD Series Pumps offer amazing performance at an amazingly competitive price. These affordable and full-featured pumps are designed for low volume applications to provide long life and serviceability....

    • Three Inch Air Motor - Provides more power to create a better flow.
    • Innovative Air Valve - Designed to reduce icing in continuous use applications and uses less air than competitive pumps for better efficiency. Easy to repair or replace without tearing down internal pump components for less downtime.
    • Engineered for Durability - Patent-pending cup and plate design eliminates the need for O-rings that wear out faster for a more durable, longer-lasting solution.
    • Modular Air Valve - Air inlet and exhaust locations are easy to configure with just four bolts for simple, hassle-free installations.
    • Pilot Valve - Patent-pending, self-cleaning design increases reliability in dirty air environments and minimizes pressure drop with rapid changeovers for reduced stalling and smoother flow.
    • Adjustable Bung Adapter Included - Built-in slide adjustment with easy-set hand screws can fit into more applications.
    • Built-In Thermal Relief and Inlet Strainer - Built-in thermal relief protects your equipment from thermal expansion without the need to buy and install an additional kit. Inlet strainer (oil only) is built-in to protect pump from containments that can damage your pump.
  • Pulse® FC Starter Kit
    Pulse FC Fluid Control provides service operations with accuracy and command to automate and regulate fluid dispenses for optimal accountability and profitability....

  • Kit Includes: Software, Card Reader & Cards. 

    • Easily upgrade from SD Preset meters to Pulse FC
    • Control exactly how much fluid is dispensed to improve inventory management
    • Fast, easy wire-free setup and configuration reduces installation costs
    • Generate simple reports to make more informed decisions
    • Add fluids or dispense points seamlessly as your demands grow
    • Easily upgrade to Pulse Pro for even more management, analytics and DMS integration
  • Pulse™ Hub
    Graco’s intuitive software for Pulse™ Fluid Management has been custom developed to control every component within the Pulse network. Generated by the Pulse Hub you can connect to dispense meters, pump air controllers and tank level monitors....

    • Easy-to-use software increases your productivity.
    • No software to install—the Pulse Hub generates a local web page.
    • Software automation ensures your system is always running smoothly.
    • Eliminate worries while gaining total control.
    • Uncover hidden profits.
  • Pulse™ Metered Dispense Valve for Oil Applications
    Graco dispense meters designed for our Pulse™ fluid management system are durable and easy to use. Everything you need is at your fingertips. Enter PINs and other data using the intuitive display....

    • Track and record inventory levels with electronic metering
    • Increase technician productivity
    • Flexible—one meter can handle all fluids
    • Reliable—time-tested Graco engineering
    • Large, Intuitive Display—high-contrast display for low and bright light conditions
    • Protective trigger guard—prevents accidental dispenses
    • Four finger trigger with lock-on feature
    • No need to leave bay or use a computer to complete dispense
    • Long battery life—uses 4 AA easy-to-replace batteries
  • Pulse™ Pump Air Control - NPT with NEMA 5-15 Plug
    Graco’s Pulse™ Pump Air Control (PAC) is integral to the Pulse fluid management system. These reliable devices prevent unauthorized access to fluid inventory....

    • Ensure better inventory control
    • Built with Graco quality for a long life
    • When combined with other components of the Pulse fluid management system you’ll improve shop efficiency
    • Flexible—the PAC supports a variety of pneumatic of pumps
    • Installs easily—built-in mounting bracket
    • Simple wireless setup—automatically identifies networks
    • High-volume air valve supports a variety of pump
  • Pulse™ Remote Extender with Global Power Adapter
    Extend your Pulse™ fluid management network wirelessly with extenders. Extenders allow for larger shops to have more devices, secondary buildings and stronger network connections....

    • Fast installation, better inventory control
    • Increase your productivity — use Pulse fluid management anywhere in your shop with an Extender or Remote Extender
    • Everything you need, right out of the box. Simply plug into power and connect with Ethernet or Wi-Fi if needed
    • Flexible — two extender options whether you are extending an existing shop or a secondary building
    • Wireless communication — receives signals from the meter, pump air control (PAC) and tank level monitor within 100-meter range
    • Status lights — quickly verify extender is powered
  • Pulse™ Tank Level Monitor (TLM)
    The Pulse™ tank level monitors accurately measure fluid levels in your largest tanks. Keep track of fluid levels throughout the day. Send low- or -high-level warnings by email....

    • Easily track and record inventory levels with electronic monitoring
    • Helps increase shop efficiency
    • Increases transparency of fluid consumption—reduces inventory shrinkage
    • Improves accountability and productivity
    • Reliable—time-tested Graco engineering
    • Built-in display—see real-time levels instantly with on-demand readings
    • Simple wireless setup—automatically identifies networks
    • Long battery life—uses 4 AA easy-to-replace batteries
  • SDP8 Series Electronic Preset Oil Meter - Rigid
    Graco’s premium SD meters feature high flow, improved ergonomics and a large high-contrast LCD screen to make viewing dispense amounts easy in all lighting conditions.

    • Upgradeable—SD Preset meters are compatible with PULSE FC fluid control system

    • Large, Intuitive Display—high-contrast display for low and bright light conditions

    • Long valve life—cartridge spool valve specifically designed to reduce wear and reduce costly down time

    • Ergonomic—four-finger trigger and easy-to-use button pad reduce worker fatigue

    • Reliable—time-tested Graco engineering

    • Durable—Thick cast aluminum body allows this meter to endure harsh, heavy-duty applications

    • Long battery life—uses 4 AA easy-to-replace batteries

  • SD™ 20 Oil Hose Reel, 1/2" Inlet, 1/2" X 50' Hose
    The SD line of hose reels feature Graco durability, performance and value built into every reel. With its durable metal spool and rigid pedestal frame, the compact SD Series is ideal for indoor and moderate outdoor exposure....

    • With its durable metal spool and rigid pedestal frame, the compact SD Series is ideal for indoor and moderate outdoor use in car dealerships, fleet maintenance, public works garages and light-utility service trucks.
    • Full-Flow Swivel  - Maximize material flow with minimal pressure drop for faster fills to get more vehicles through your shop
    • Adjustable Arm - Easily change the arm position for your application
    • Large Hose Capacity with Small Profile - Compact pedestal and spool fits into tight spaces and can accommodate 35-65 foot (10.7-19.8 meters) hose (NPT air/water) capacity for a wide variety of applications
    • Durable Finish - Baked-on enamel finish protects reel from corrosion

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