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Louisville,  KY 
United States
  • Booth: 3266C

J&L Marketing increases your sales and service profit fast with the best digital marketing strategies. Increase your showroom traffic instantly with Private Sale Events. Win back lost customers, increase customer pay and customer loyalty with Private Service Events. Work a steady stream of Digital Retailing leads every day with Virtual Sale Events. For 30 years 7,000 dealerships have trusted J&L Marketing because they receive superior campaign management, marketing support and data analytics.


  • Digital Marketing
    Turn Key Program
    Paid Search, Display Advertising
    VIN-Specific Advertising
    Offline & Online Market Analysis
    On-Call Digital Analyst
    Fast-Paced Customization
    24/7 Interactive Reporting...

  • J&L’s Digital Marketing incorporates both online and offline data and utilizes the most advanced audience targeting strategies. We persuade shoppers with highly-relevant and effective ad copy and monitor the competition for frequent strategy enhancement! On top of all of this, we provide transparent reporting to spot trends and help our dealers know exactly how we’re spending their money and why.
  • Private Sale Events
    Engineer more leads and sales by improving what works and eliminating what doesn’t. Overcome the 3 biggest sale event hurdles every dealer faces and achieve closing percentages as high as 46% and make money on your event before it even begins!...

  • Ever wish you could deliver instant, high impact, quality traffic to your showroom that creates a contagious buying atmosphere… energizes your sales team and makes you money before, during and after your event? Discover the secrets from over 50,000 successful sale events to increase your face-to-face selling opportunities without the pain of risking your ad budget on sale events that don’t work.
  • Private Service Events
    Data Analytics
    BDC Services Make Contacting & Follow-Up Easy
    Turn Key Program
    Optimized Marketing Funnel (Fully Automated Marketing, Including Direct Mail, Email, & Landing Pages)

  • Private Service Events utilize the power of data analytics to identify lost and at-risk customers who are most likely to respond and attend. They increase customer pay by persuading customers who are most likely to respond and attend and differentiate your marketing message by offering services independent shops can’t provide. They negate common misconceptions about pricing and develop increased trust between dealers and their customers. They remind customers that dealers can offer higher quality parts and more knowledgeable technicians at a more competitive price than they originally thought.

  • Service Combat Strategy
    Turn Key Program
    Highly Targeted Digital Advertisements (Paid Search, Facebook, Gmail, & Email)
    Carefully Structured Landing Pages
    Strategically Crafted Offers
    Digital Analyst...

  • Our Service Combat Strategy addresses vehicle owners’ main concerns with dealer service departments by digitally targeting current and potential customers with advertisements that are 100 percent relevant to their online searches. This capitalizes on today’s trends and reaches vehicle owners with the information they need to choose your dealership over the competition.        
  • Virtual Sale Events
    Direct Mail
    Landing Pages
    Facebook, Flyers and Banners
    Interactive Dashboard that shows you what they’re looking at in real time...

  • Virtual Sales Events learn from what has worked in the past (and follow the best practices of both consumer and marketing perspectives) and mold that to work for today’s market. Just like all good direct marketing, a successful Virtual Sales Event must be exclusive and believable, and it must include a strong call to action – all while creating an urgency that ensures your prospects won’t want to miss out.

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