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MyDealerKPI is an unprecedented web-based desk log

My Dealer KPI is an unprecedented web-based desk log that instantly generates and displays impactful analytics with all the necessary data to keep your dealership running at peak performance. With just one click on the KPI Dashboard, you have access to abundance of modules to view, track, and project dealership and individual performance across all departments.

ANALYTICS With one click, My Dealer KPI Dashboard displays real-time and accurate Sales and F&I analytics on one page...

Dashboard - Imagine having the answer to these important questions just by logging in and having it at the tip of your fingers, all on one screen. Don’t think it’s possible? It is with the My Dealer KPI Dashboard!

Sales Log - With a quick click of your mouse, you have detailed access to all the pertinent information regarding your vehicle sales. My Dealer KPI lets managers see details of all sales on one screen:

Dealer Trades - Does your dealership use a piece of paper to fill out for a dealer trade? What happens to it after the trade? Do you have access to easily track how many dealer trades were done? What trades were done for the month regarding model, color and trim? Who authorized it? Who initiated the trade? Now you do with My Dealer KPI.

Lease Returns - Do you know how many lease returns were grounded at your dealership this month or YTD? Forgotten lease returns can

F&I Statistics – The performance of the F& I Department is essential to the bottom line of any auto dealership. Until now, tracking and comparing the performance of individuals, and the Finance Department as a whole, has been very cumbersome and challenging.

F&I Variance Statistics – We’ve all heard the saying, “It Takes a Village” and selling and funding a vehicle is no exception. There are many hands that touch a deal from the beginning of a sale to the time it is funded. Would you like to know who is consistently performing and enhancing deals and who is not?

Contract In Transit / Deals in F&I Office – Most dealerships meet daily to go over their contracts in transit (CIT), including deals in F&I. My Dealer KPI provides dealers with the ability to seamlessly track the status of each deal throughout the funding process. Every department involved in the process has access to view and update the information in real time.

And so much more...Stop by and see why My Dealer KPI is the right solution for dealers analytics.

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