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United States
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SAMSON, a North Carolina corporation, is one of the SAMOA Industrial Group of companies.  SAMSON produces and markets conventional and customer engineered lubrication equipment since 1993 and has become a dominant force in the North American markets.

SAMSON is one of 28 companies throughout Europe & America.  Since 1958, the SAMOA group has emerged as the largest manufacturer in the world of quality lubrication equipment.  The Groups worldwide presence is complimented with an extensive distribution network covering more than 100 countries.

 Press Releases

  • We are pleased to announce the formal release of the NEX•U• Fluid Management System.  

    NEX·U· provides you with the control and the information you require to make your operation more profitable. You will be able to account for every drop of lubricant and other service fluid used. On top of this, you will carry an efficient inventory control, with automatic alerts and fluid reordering when needed, eliminating operations downtime.

    For almost any lubricant usage or operation size, with today’s high cost for these fluids, NEX·U· quickly pays for itself. Once it is paid for, savings go right to the operation’s bottom line in the form of profit, profit previously lost.

    NEX·U·® adapts to your way of working.

    NEX·U·® is a hybrid system that brings you all the advantages of wireless flexibility and hard-wired reliability:

    Wireless flexibility

    • Data can be transmitted wirelessly among the different system components, eliminating long and expensive cable runs.
    • Easily adds new components when required as your needs grow.
    • System uses existing Wi-Fi® networks, simplifying its installation. No need for special, custom made network components.
    Hard-wired reliability
    • A constant and reliable power source is always present to power the solenoid valves that control fluid delivery.
    • No uncharged batteries to let you down.
    • Hard-wired data transmission to avoid interferences and other obstacles that might interfere with wireless data transmission.


  • NEX•U• Fluid Management System
    NEX·U· gives you the control and the information you need to make your operation more profitable.

    NEX·U·® is a hybrid system that brings you all the advantages of wireless flexibility and hard-wired reliability.

  • Introducing NEX·U·®    All you need to control your fluid inventory

    U·Net NEX·U·® Central Processing Unit. Controls and manages all components functions and communications, wired or wireless.

    U·track NEX·U·®  software. Included in the U·net, is the user and system interface. It generates useful reports, keeps control of inventory and can communicate with almost every DM system.

    U·dat System keypad. With a full color, touch screen and a full QWERTY keypad provide full access to NEX·U·®  and U·track.

    U·vision+  Hand-held display with system access keypad.

    U·valve  All in one flow control unit. Includes pulse meter, solenoid valve, filter and electronic circuit board for operation control and communication with other system components.

    U·tank Provides real-time inventory control and manages different alarm points.

    For more information
    Due to the complexity of this system please contact your sales representative for assistance building and quoting this system. 

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