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Smarter Industrial Ceiling Fan

Industrial ceiling fans are not the most important thing in the world, but in the summertime they do rank right up there with oxygen,cooling large buildings and hot employees is a serious job and require a solution, like the new Super Duty Fan. This new fan is the Smarter Industrial Ceiling Fan. This fan features 43000 cfm, low noise levels of only 43 decibels,mounting at any angle to direct airflow where you want it. Serious fans have shrouds which allows air to be directed at a funnel for maximum wide floor coverage. The applications for these fans are endless. We have 5 models to choose from. 

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  • (Dec 05, 2019)
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  • Super Duty Fans
    Industrial Ceiling Fans for warehouses,manufacturing,and agricultural facilities. Five models to choose from that don’t break the budget with massive airflow (43000 cfm) for huge areas, belt driven with control 0-100%....

  • Smart Ceiling Fan! Starts with the overall approach to cooling large spaces,which is to mount above the work area where it can best circulate air and not be an obstacle on the floor to get damaged. Then you add in the features like massive airflow up to 43000 cfm,low noise level of only 43 decibels, mounting at any angle to direct airflow where you want it,industrial-grade components like Krupp stainless steel blades,Leeson totally enclosed motors to provide years of service, and safety features like fully caged blades and our quad hanging straps which give if hit rather than break. The Super Duty Fans are smarter than the popular big HVLS fans, and can you believe they also sell for a fraction of their price. The secret is the shroud. Without a shroud, most of the air comes off the end of the blades and does you no good at the floor level. Our unique shroud prevents this horizontal air loss by forcing the air down to the ground where you need it,and also forming the funnel-shaped airflow for maximum wide floor coverage. Critical fan applications always have shrouds, like vehicle radiators,nuclear reactor fans, and HVAC systems. Serious fans have shrouds. The applications for these fans are endless from warehouses,manufacturing to agriculture and residential placements.

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