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Increase your 2020 service revenue by 20%

TruVideo is an easy-to-use, dealer-founded app that allows your service advisors and salespeople to shoot and send video to your customers. We are the only video/texting platform available that was founded by a dealer principal and created for the automotive industry. With one or two videos, you can earn customer trust and loyalty that used to take years to build.

Our software is so easy to use, our typical dealer will send over 500 videos a month and increase their dollars per RO by over 25%. How much extra revenue would that be for your dealership?

Dealerships that use TruVideo have enjoyed:

  • 25-30% growth in customer pay labor
  • 15-30% growth in parts sales
  • 10-25% increase in internet appointment show rates
  • 2-3 more vehicles sold per 30 appointments

If you’re ready to take your dealership to the next level, contact TruVideo to learn more.  Call 781-222-0684 or visit us online at or stop by our booth #1306C.

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  • (Jan 24, 2020)

    Get your TruVideo demo at NADA, and if you sign up by March 1st, your first month is FREE*.

    Visit Booth #1306C for full details!

    *new accounts only, must install within 60 days.

  • (Jan 24, 2020)

    Visit TruVideo at Booth #1306C located in the First-Time Exhibitors Showroom to enter to win!

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 Press Releases

  • Summary: To change the automobile industry for the better, the team at TruVideo offers video and texting solutions designed to improve service, sales, and more.

    TruVideo Launches Car Dealership Marketing Video to Engage New and Current Clients

    July 12, 2019 – Wellesley, MA – Whether you run an automobile dealership, a service and body shop, or a combination of the two, it can be tough to successfully market your business in a saturated industry. TruVideo, headquartered in the Greater Boston area, makes marketing simpler and more effective with its unique solution based on today’s technology.

    In today’s world, information is everywhere, which means consumers have plenty of opportunity to do their research before they buy. Since vehicles are the second largest investments most people will ever make – second only to their homes – dealerships that are memorable, transparent, and authoritative will see the most success. In fact, 86% of car shoppers perform extensive research before they even visit a dealership, so companies without a strong online presence are not likely to fare well. That’s exactly why TruVideo exists.

    TruVideo offers a full product suite designed to help sellers and service providers make themselves visible to prospective clients. With tools designed for service, sales, and condition reporting as well as a full-service texting platform, TruVideo is easy to use and requires no special apps on the customers’ end. Dealerships can create a professional video, review it, and even send it to the customer in five taps on a smartphone. That means dealerships can provide virtual walkthroughs of their lots, show a car to a customer, or offer condition reporting for their loaner vehicles. The suite even offers access to mobile pay, which allows customers to pay for their orders and approve their repairs via their mobile devices.

    TruVideo is the only product of its kind, and it was designed specifically for use in the auto industry. The tools make it much simpler to build rapport with customers by enhancing transparency and trust. With TruVideo, auto sales and service professionals can connect with their customers with ease, reduce the length of time it takes to provide customers with information, and allow a customer to see a car up close and personal without having to step foot on the lot. It is these two things – trust and convenience – that help build a loyal customer base that keeps coming back time and again.

    To learn more about TruVideo and the services it provides, visit their website today, call them at (617)440-9930, or email them at . You can also book a free demo for your business to see exactly how TruVideo can help your automobile dealership or service shop grow.

    About the Company: TruVideo was built specifically for auto dealers and service providers and is the simplest fully-featured video app available today. TruVideo is committed to providing a suite of services that is simple to implement, reliable and innovative – all without putting any demands on the customer such as requiring an app to download or view. The team believes that transparency and convenience are imperative for building trust, which will in turn create loyal customers.

  • January 23, 2020

    Summary: TruVideo, a leading text and video communication platform designed for the automotive industry, announces its compliance with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), which went into effect January 1, 2020.

    TruVideo Pleased to Announce Compliance with CCPA and Other Privacy-Related Regulations

    January 23, 2020 – Wellesley, MA – In recent years, the focus on online privacy has continued to grow, and it has sparked numerous regulations that vary by country and by state. TruVideo, a Massachusetts-based provider of a user-friendly text and video platform designed to allow simpler communication between auto dealerships and their customers, is pleased to announce their dedication to remaining compliant with the latest of these regulations – the CCPA.

    CCPA stands for the California Consumer Privacy Act, also known as AB 375, which was passed into law in June 2018 and went into effect January 1 of this year. It is similar to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) set forth by the European Union and went into effect in the spring of 2019 in that it is designed to protect consumers’ private data. Per the CCPA, California consumers have the right to view any information that a company has on file for them and a full list of all the third parties with which their data is being shared. If a company violates the privacy guidelines, the CCPA gives California consumers the ability to sue that company directly, even if there is no data breach. 

    Companies must abide by the CCPA if they fit into one of the following two categories:

    • They have at least $25 million in annual revenue and serve California consumers; and/or
    • They have personal data on at least 50,000 people or collect more than half of their revenue from the sale of consumers’ personal data.

    It is important to note that companies do not have to be headquartered in California to be affected; they must only serve residents of California. To remain in compliance, companies must have the ability to provide 12 months’ worth of data to California consumers who ask for it.

    TruVideo works hard to stay on top of various privacy laws and guidelines, and it has many systems in place to protect its clients’ data. In fact, the company goes above and beyond the requirements set forth by these laws and guidelines, which means they are in full compliance long before these laws take effect. TruVideo takes consumer privacy very seriously, which means their clients can rest assured that their data protected around the clock.

    To learn more about TruVideo and its dedication to privacy and data security, feel free to visit their website. For questions, reach out to them at (781)819-0125 or email them at You can also fill out the short contact form on their website and a representative will reach out to you. 

    About TruVideo: TruVideo is headquartered in Wellesley, Massachusetts and provides a text and video platform designed to simplify communications between auto dealerships and their sales and/or service clients. TruVideo aims to help auto dealers build trust not only with individual clients, but also with their communities. This propels them forward and facilitates growth in a competitive market by providing them with the tools they need to enhance transparency.

  • For Immediate Release

    November 10, 2019

    Summary: TruVideo, a leading auto dealership communication platform provider, was named one of the Top 10 Auto Management Solutions for 2019 by Auto Tech Outlook.

    TruVideo Named one of the Top 10 Auto Management Solutions for 2019 by Auto Tech Outlook

    November 10, 2019 – Wellesley, MA – Numerous auto dealerships have discovered the value in TruVideo’s industry-changing video and SMS communication platform developed specifically for their industry. As a testament to this value, Auto Tech Outlook just named the TruVideo platform one of the Top 10 Auto Management Solutions for 2019.

    Auto Tech Outlook was designed to be a unique platform that publishes useful information directly from the automotive industry for a diverse audience. It thrives on peer-to-peer learning and strives to improve the industry by bringing everyone together under one virtual roof. Each year, its list of the Top 10 Auto Management Solutions helps dealers, manufacturers, and even service technicians learn about the best tools and gadgets to make their lives easier and provide better service to their customers. TruVideo is proud to have been among this year’s top 10.

    TruVideo is a unique video and SMS platform that allows auto dealers and service technicians to communicate with their customers quickly and efficiently, thus breaking down the trust barrier that has existed in the industry for decades. It allows dealers to provide virtual auto tours, even for potential buyers who are hundreds of miles away, and it allows service technicians to take videos of customers’ exact car issues before they start the work involved in repairing it.

    In other words, TruVideo allows for transparent communication between the company providing the service and the end user ultimately paying for the service – something the industry has desperately needed for many years.

    In an exclusive interview with Auto Tech Outlook, TruVideo founder Joe Shaker shared the revelation that made the platform possible. In the article, Shaker said, “Had I focused on building trust – between customers, advisors, and technicians – rather than chasing numbers, the metrics would have risen by default.” As it turns out, the poor relationships between dealers and their customers was due to lack of trust, and that lack of trust wasn’t being caused by poor service – especially when it comes to repairs. Per Shaker, “Most don’t know if the repairs are necessary.”

    By 2015, Shaker had collaborated with technologist Douglas Chrystall and together, they conceived the idea for the TruVideo platform. They then developed and tested it with 50 different dealers across the country, gathered opinions from hundreds of techs and advisors, and eventually created the coveted platform that is today’s TruVideo.

    Auto Tech Outlook calls TruVideo a “must-have for dealerships and repair shops across the country.”

    To learn more about TruVideo, or to contact the company with questions, feel free to visit their website, call (617)440-9937, or send an email to

    About TruVideo: TruVideo was built by an auto dealer for auto dealers with the goal of solving the most important problem plaguing the relationship between dealers and their customers – a lack of trust. It provides a simple, easy-to-use platform that allows dealers and service techs to communicate directly with customers via video or SMS, whether that communication involves showing a customer proof of a necessary repair or even a visual tour of an automobile. TruVideo has quickly become one of the best products in its category since its inception back in 2015, and it is regularly featured in publications like Auto Tech Outlook for its innovation and value.


  • Mobile Pay
    A texting and video communication platform....

  • In any service business, trust is everything.

    Our proprietary video and texting platform helps customers see and understand your services and products better than ever before. So, you build trust and get to yes faster.

    Now your service technicians can shoot and send video to your customers so they can see exactly what needs to be repaired and understand why. In one or two videos, you can earn customer loyalty that once took years to build.

    Mobile Pay lets customers pay for their service repairs right from their mobile device. Once they approve their repairs, payment is just a click away.Mobile Pay lets customers pay for their service repairs right from their mobile device. Once they approve their repairs, payment is just a click away.

  • TruVideo
    TruVideo is the leader in video and texting communication for automotive dealers. We help dealers build trust through transparency across all departments.

  • TruVideo is an easy-to-use, dealer-founded texting and video app that allows your service technicians and sales consultants to shoot and send video to your customers. With one or two videos, you can earn customer trust and loyalty that used to take years to build.

    Our software is so easy to use, our typical dealer will send over 500 videos a month and increase their dollars per RO by over 25%.


    • You take a walkthrough video of the vehicle, describing what you found during your MPI and send it to the customer.
    • The customer receives a personalized HD video through a 2-way texting platform describing what was found during the inspection of their vehicle.
    • The customer approves the suggested repairs because they can see exactly what you’re describing and they understand the rationale behind the recommended repairs.
    • Your key metrics improve across the board.


    • You take a video of the vehicle, describing the key features as you go along and send it to the customer.
    • The customer sees the video and knows you’ve found the vehicle they were looking for.
    • The customer comes in for a test drive because you’ve got the exact vehicle they want..
    • Your sales numbers improve across the board.

    TruVideo is easy to use, co-op approved by many manufacturers, increases sales and customer satisfaction.

    Stop by our TruVideo booth for a demonstration.

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