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We Help Dealers Get Their Lots Customer Ready

The AutoMap Family of Services Provides dealers with smart and efficient solutions for locating and managing vehicles, keys and invoices.

AutoMap's award winning AutoMap Vehicle Location system is the easiest to install and remove, providing more actionable data than systems costing 3 times as much. 

AutoMap Invoice Recall (AIR) makes all your invoices searchable, printable, and editable. Search by every word printed on the invoice and custom build custom vehicles on the spot.

KeyPS is a sell through key location solution that will help you and your customer locate what's important.


  • A.I.R. (AutoMap Invoice Recall)
    Edit, search and print all your invoices on the fly....

    In record time, find your customer's vehicle by make, model, engine size, options & accessories. Simply enter the search terms you want and pull up all matching vehicles in your inventory. Multiple hits 7 A wonderful opportunity for an up-sale! All information on the invoice is searchable by your entire sales staff. 
    Do more in less time with greater results. The A.I.R. System allows you to add/remove information from the invoice such as Special Offers, Pricing and Accessories. Separate versions of the invoice for your Sales Force, Managers and Accounting. 
    Don't lose a sale by not having the right vehicle and the invoice immediately! 

    Multiple locations and only one set of invioces? A.I.R. Makes it easy to search, edit and print your invoices from any location!

    The exact vehicle isn't in stock? A.I.R. makes intelligent suggestions of similar vehicles to help your staff pivot and sell!

    Order the correct cars & trucks that are selling the fastest. Don't make an inventory mistake. We keep the system simple to use to make the sale. 

    The A.I.R. system is fully integrated with the AutoMap vehicle locate system. Find the vehicle the customer is looking for, know it's location and readiness then deliver the vehicle to the customer fast AND improve your CSI! Both AutoMap systems provide the ultimate inventory access and visibility to help improve sales. 

  • AutoMap Vehicle Location System
    Simplicity is the key for the AutoMap system. By combining the most information with simple, easy to use technology, AutoMap will bring your lot management into the digital age....

  • AutoMap provides superior insight, showing the location of all your vehicles and information necessary to proactively prepare them to sell.

    AutoMap’s crowd sourcing technology requires no infrastructure and installs in seconds, providing you a dealer-focused system with the most information possible at the lowest cost.

    Simplicity is key. No need to tie up your service department when installation is as simple as plugging the AutoMap tracker into the OBD2 port.

    The only lot management system that adds to your bottom line without cluttering up your F&I process, AutoMap's integration with industry proven recall notification AutoAp will find more cars to process through your service department. 

    The AutoMap System:

    • Removes human error
    • Provides continuous verification of each vehicle’s identity
    • Can be installed by anyone
    • Installs in seconds
    • Automatically programs to the vehicle

    Data is your dealership’s lifeblood, and AutoMap delivers in spades with features that will add to your dealership’s bottom line.


    • Battery Voltage Level
    • Fuel Level
    • Error Codes
    • Current Location
    • Location History
    • Recall Information

    The AutoMap team has over a decade of automotive tracking experience with a variety of technologies. Let us show you the future of automated automotive lot management.

  • KeyPS
    Boost Your Bottom Line

    Reduce Key Replacement...


    Replacing a vehicle key is expensive and time consuming. The time taken to look for a lost key will cost you extra overhead.
    KeyPS provices a premium pack in service to every sale while reducing lost key replacement costs. Just selling 200 vehicles each month you will net $4,000 extra. What other system can improve your dealerships efficiency, save money and net you a profit?

    KeyPS uses customized trackers that function on both iPhone and Android devices. Each tracker emits a Bluetooth signal that identifies each tracker and its battery level. This signal can be seen up to 30 yards away and the app can easily assign the location or detect the key for easy tracking.
    No more searching through desk drawers to searching through various vehicles. KeyPS will map the location last seen and direct you right to its location.
    Through and inventory feed from the dealership each pair of trackers can be easily assigned to the correct vehicle. Upon sale of the vehicle the ownership of the KeyPS tracker transfers to the new owner.

    The KeyPS system has partnered with the AutoMap Vehicle Location System as well. Now, as you search your vehicle inventory you can keep track of your keys.
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