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Come see Resilient Armour - a floor revolution!

Come see the shop floor revolution Resilient Armour, the workshop flooring alternative to epoxy coatings or polished concrete surfaces in workshop environments.  Resilient Armour will eliminate the cost excuse for these temporary coatings that degrade quickly upon use.  This new floor system removes any price concerns that keep dealers using temporary coatings like epoxy and polished surfaces.  Resilient Armour is a modular floor system that has a targeted materials acquisition cost at $ 4.99 psf.  Resilient Armour comes with a 10-year surface warranty and is considered a long life-cycle product. This product is designed to be managed by the dealers on staff, so they can quickly and easily make fast, easy, and cost-effective repairs.

AutoStone is the automotive industries leaders in showroom, service drive and workshop floors.  We support over 14 automotive brands and have solutions for your dealership facility that are affordable, available and supported best!  If you are building a dealership or facing renovation and upgrade requirements - AutoStone is the best choice you can make!  AutoStone is your automotive facility expert.

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  • Resilient Armour is a new flooring technology that changes the design landscape of the automotive service facility.  This is a “state-of-the-art” resilient technology designed for automotive and heavy truck workshop environments.  It makes epoxy coatings an obsolete option because it can be delivered to dealers at a price point that is very close to a good quality epoxy coating.  Resilient Armour costs dealers $4.99 psf for materials.

    The key to this product is that it a modular industrial floor system that provides dealers an asset that dealers can manage in-house.  This is a modular floor concept where dealers only replace “what needed’ and “when needed”, not resurfacing the entire floor!  Because Resilient Armor floor panels can be serviced and replaced by on-staff employees in your dealership, you can always keep your floor in a “like-new” condition for the life of your facility.

    This is a huge win for dealers who can now always have clean, fresh and “like-new” service facilities, every day and all the time!  There is no need to resurface floors like required with epoxy or polished concrete coatings.  There is no removal of vehicles, workshop benches, tools, equipment and a shop shut-down every 3-4 years!  If a RA surface panel is damaged or needs replacement, you only replace the panels that are worn or damaged.

    This product also comes with a 10-year surface warranty!  Regardless if you are a mid-market to high-end marketplace brand, no longer have your dealership lag in CSI reviews or JD Power reviews of your facility.  Lower CSI ratings are often due service facilities being dirty, dark, oily and not visually appealing.  Dirty and unappealing service facilities hold-back your dealership and your brand from achieving positive customer reviews!  Resilient Armour gives you a flooring product that eliminates the low-cost “default” decision leading to an epoxy coating and gives retail dealers a better floor surface for these workshops.  

    See website at: - and see online video on how this product performs.  We are in the booth with AutoStone Floor Systems - 5900N.  Call 214-830-1206 for an appointment!

  • Is this tile magic?  If magic means your tile won't ever stain, your floors are easier to clean, and your tile comes with a enhanced surface traction to reduce your exposure to slip-and-trip litigation; then the answer IS!  AutoStone is introducing new brightfinish tile technology that resolves the shortcoming tile products experience in the automotive showroom environment. 
    If you experienced tile surface haze problems, or problems from poor tile installation and less effective cleaning practices, this is the product to help!  If you struggle with complicated cleaning and maintenance practices, this technology delivers better results.  If you are discouraged from having your staff implement final vehicle detailing of tires in the showroom or use of products such as Tire Bright and Armor-All (among others), this can remove your concern.  If you don't want to put your vehicles on pads under every tire, we have the right floor for you!  This new technology gives dealers floors that won't stain, track and are brighter, fresher and easier to clean.
    Dealers also face STF (slip, trip, and fall) risk litigation around the ANSI A312.3 (slip-and-fall) standard.  This is the standard that recommends a higher surface traction on tile surfaces.  AutoStone brightfinish provides a mid-to-high traction rated surface with this new product series.  Our surface is embedded with nano-size, micro-granules, so floors have greater surface traction.  Dealership floors are safer to walk-on and deliver better STF risk management results.
    This is a stain-proof tile surface that helps dealers achieve better cleaning results because these tiles don't absorb stains.  We help you keep your showrooms in a “like-new” appearance.  This helps you eliminate concerns like tracking (rubber-transfer) and other issues unique to the automotive setting.  AutoStone brightfinish technology is on display at NADA for your review and evaluation.  Come see how we can help you build a better brand compliant facility! 

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